From Timaru to Shanghai.
Sam Brosnahan
Get to know Sam Brosnahan,
International Business, Chinese and Te Reo Māori

What are you studying?

International Business, Te Reo and Chinese. I’m interested in the world and exploring different cultures. Eventually I’d like to work overseas in a cross-cultural business capacity.

Favourite part of your study so far?

Going overseas! I went to Shanghai on exchange for a whole semester. It was mind-blowing. I was taken out of everything I know and placed in a totally new environment. I loved the challenge of being in a different culture and navigating a city of 23 million people.

Wow, what did you get up to in Shanghai?

I was placed at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, which is one of UC’s partner universities. I took Business courses and had a chance to practice my Chinese. I can keep up a conversation now, just! I also got to meet business leaders. And I got to travel too – the Terracotta Warriors were a highlight.

Sounds eye-opening!

It was. Here in New Zealand we tend to think that the whole world shares the same ‘western’ mindset. I was amazed to see how different people and societies can function.

How did that experience help you grow?

I learned that there’s not just one path you can take, not just one way of doing things. It extended my mind and gave me total appreciation for other cultures. Above all, I value the friendships and connections I made from all around the world.

"The opportunities at UC spin off from one another to build an incredible mix of experiences."

Any other travel plans on the radar?

I'm actually off to New York City in a couple of weeks! I have a conference with Global China Connection – that’s a student club at UC which is part of a worldwide network. I’ll get to mix with 500 delegates from all around the world and hear some leading speakers. Straight after that I'm off to a one-month internship in Hong Kong.

Sounds like you’ve become a true internationalist.

I have! It was my lecturers who introduced me to these opportunities. They have a real will for you to succeed, especially if you make the effort to approach them. The opportunities at UC spin off from one another to build an incredible mix of experiences. It’s been a true stepping stone into my future.

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