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Pip Connell
Get to know Pip Connell,
Applied Psychology

What’s your passion?

Basketball! I play for the Canterbury Wildcats – we compete on a national level. I also play for UC. The Athlete Development Programme at UC was a huge drawcard for me. I knew I wouldn't get the benefit of a program like that at any other university.

Athlete Development Programme? What’s that?

It's a program where they target certain sports and individuals to foster their athletic careers. We get access to strength and conditioning training, video analysis and seminars. They also support you if you need to take time away for your sport.

What else have you got up to at UC?

A big highlight for me was going to China as part of the MGMT228 course. We were based at a university where we went to lectures in the morning and taught English in the evening. We learned about what it's like to live and do business in China. You get some quite honest insights! I also got to see the Terracotta Warriors, the Great Wall, pandas… I even went to Tibet!

Sounds exciting!

It was. I’ve been three times now, twice as the tour leader. I actually enjoyed that even more. Being the leader is more about helping others get the most out of their trip and creating opportunities for them. China was a big turning point for me. I grew much more confident in myself. From there, I started putting my hand up for other things.

"We get access to strength and conditioning training, video analysis and seminars."

What’s surprised you about UC?

How alive the campus is. There are so many places to meet and mingle right in the heart of campus. There's always something going on. I also really like how diverse the campus is. You can learn so much from anyone and everyone. Once you know a few people, you meet more people and it all grows from there.

Any advice for new students?

Just say yes! There are so many opportunities. Every class, course and club is an opportunity to grow and develop. You just have to be willing to go for it. When you do, university becomes so much more rewarding..

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