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Lee Richardson
Get to know Lee Richardson,
Fine Arts.

What are you studying?

Fine Arts, majoring in Design. It's a broad degree with general BA subjects as well so it opens up a lot of future possibilities.

Favourite thing about your programme?

UC is the only Fine Arts department where you can still specialise in specific disciplines like painting or photography. You get your own studio space and lots of one-on-one time with your lecturers. It allows you to really hone in on what you want to do.

Tell us about your classes.

The lecturers are really approachable. There’s lots and lots of conversation and talking about ideas. You’re exposed to heaps of different points of view. In my specialty, Design, the set-up is like a real studio in the industry.

Have you had any ‘real world’ experience?

Yes, through UC I started volunteering at a gallery one day a week. I’ve got to go to openings and meet people in the industry. It’s been really good for networking and getting my name out there, and just learning what it's like to be doing gallery work.

I understand you’re dyslexic – has that been tough?

There’s been a wide range of support on offer for me. I was able to access the note-taking service, so someone takes notes for me in the lectures. I also have a reader-writer for exams. Basically, they read me the questions and I dictate my answers to them. It's really reassuring because I know that I'm still going to get the most out of my degree despite being dyslexic.

"It's really reassuring because I know that I'm still going to get the most out of my degree despite being dyslexic."

Is there a lot of support in general at UC?

Absolutely. UC has a really well thought out programme for people with learning disabilities. They’re so approachable and happy to help with anything. I haven't experienced any stigma or barrier. The Academic Skills Centre is really helpful for anyone making the transition from high school to a tertiary academic setting.

How would you describe your overall UC experience?

Exciting! You can do what you want and follow your passions. The University environment is such a good place to learn and develop. I’d definitely recommend UC.

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