Te Pūtairiki President.
Forest Taane Morton - Ngāti Maniapoto
Get to know Forest Taane Morton,
Law, Politics and Psychology

What are you studying and why?

I'm doing a double degree in Law, Politics and Psychology. I want to be a police detective. That's been my dream since I was young! From there I'd like to move into criminal justice policy and law reform. Eventually I’d love to work for the likes of the UN or Interpol.

Sounds inspiring!

I really like investigative work and I’ve always admired women in leadership roles.

Any leadership roles for you so far at UC?

Yes, I’m tumuaki or president of Te Pūtairiki Māori Law Students’ Society. Our aim is to promote whakawhanaungatanga and foster academic excellence. We try to build a really strong community of Māori students and connect them with the wider legal community. As president I oversee the portfolios and act as a spokesperson.

What have you learned from being tumuaki?

For me, it's quite a personal thing. I think it's really important that Māori students are supported to do well in tertiary education so they can go on to obtain better outcomes for our Māori community. Joining Māori clubs has been a really cool way for me to learn more about my identity.

"I went to Nottingham where I got to study for a semester at one of the best law universities in England."

What’s been the highlight of your time at UC?

Getting the opportunity to go on an exchange! I went to Nottingham where I got to study for a semester at one of the best law universities in England. It's good to break up a long degree with some travel. I had an amazing time – it was one of the best experiences of my life.

So you’d recommend exchange to others?

Definitely. Exchange is a unique way to travel. You make amazing friends, you have the support of uni life and you’re doing something meaningful. Plus you get to see the sights too!

You have big dreams – how is UC helping you achieve them?

I’ve been able to gain skills that are relevant to my career. I’ve done internships, volunteering, found relevant clubs and societies, taken interesting courses. I’ve had leadership roles and I’ve gone on exchange to another country. The incredible mix of opportunities at UC has really helped to grow my confidence.

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