Giving Back. Thinking Ahead.
Emily Barker
Get to know Emily Barker,
Fine Arts

What brought you to UC?

I came here for the Fine Arts programme. The teaching style appeals to me and you get your own studio space. UC has one of the oldest art schools in New Zealand. There have been some amazing and well-known Kiwi artists who have come out of here. And I liked the atmosphere of Christchurch.

Highlight so far?

Living in a hall was fantastic. I was at Rochester & Rutherford in my first year. I was nervous about the transition to university, but that experience made me feel really welcome. I met lots of different people and got involved in different clubs from there.

What club are you most involved in?

Since starting uni I’ve been part of the UC Rowing club and for the last two years I've been on the UCSA exec. I’m the student well-being officer, which I'm stoked about. We take issues to a diverse student advisory group so we can make decisions based on the wider student voice. I really enjoy getting involved and giving back to the life of UC.

Do you still live on campus?

I flat near the uni now. It's nice to be able to walk across the road to campus. Ilam really feels like a student area. You can bike over to a friend’s flat or pop over to the campus and back. Flatting is so much fun. You get to be independent and do what you want, when you want.

"There have been some amazing and well-known Kiwi artists who have come out of here."

What’s your view on Christchurch?

I like it. The thing I like best is that you have the beaches and the mountains. You can go off for a weekend and there’s literally everything you could want to do that’s outdoorsy, so close by. In the city there’s a really cool atmosphere. There are art exhibitions popping up and new things happening. People here are innovative and help each other out.

What’s next for you?

I'm finishing Fine Arts this year, but I'm going to stay another year and finish off a BA. I’d really like to be an arts facilitator or coordinator for an organisation like Creative New Zealand. That’d be amazing! I love being around people and seeing the diversity of everyone’s work.

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