Global champion in China.
Bradley Meredith
Get to know Bradley Meredith,

What’s your most memorable uni experience so far?

Last year I was lucky enough to land an opportunity to represent UC at the Chinese Bridge Competition which is a global Mandarin competition in China. It's like the X-Factor for Mandarin speaking. It’s a whole month of challenges, from speaking on stage to participating in a Big Brother style reality show. Heaps of universities from all over the world put forward competitors. There were 133 contestants from 97 countries, and somehow I managed to win!

No way! How did it feel to win?

A bit dreamy. I felt like I was standing there in a bubble, watching myself. It was surreal.

Are there a lot of international opportunities at UC?

Absolutely. Lots of my friends are off on exchanges at the moment. There are heaps of opportunities to travel for sports and competitions, or as part of certain courses. Plus there are all the international students who come here to UC. The international opportunities are prolific.

What else have you been up to?

I’ve developed a real passion for climbing since I got here. Now I’m president of the UC Climbing Club. The most exciting part for me is seeing new people get into it. Climbing has given me somewhere to put my energy. It's given me a passion and a hobby. I love inspiring people to give climbing a go and feeling like I’m part of a great community.

"UC gives you the biggest choice of things to get into, especially because of the clubs culture."

It sounds like you get out and about quite a bit.

Yes – I chose UC because of my love of the outdoors. I’m from New Plymouth. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the South Island. I like the proximity of all the outdoor activities. With Christchurch in particular, you’ve got the Port Hills surrounding the city, you've got Banks Peninsula right there, you’ve got the Southern Alps. Arthurs Pass is only an hour and a half away.

Describe UC in 3 words.

Varied. Fun. Diverse. UC gives you the biggest choice of things to get into, especially because of the clubs culture. You can get involved in whatever you want. The campus is really centralised, it has everything you need. You get to meet such a variety of people and there are so many interests you can develop. All the opportunities are here, you just have to be brave enough to take them.

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