Using maths to make good decisions.
Benjamin Davies
Get to know Benjamin Davies,
Economics and Mathematics

So, you're a maths fan?

I am! Not everyone likes it, but someone's got to do it.

What’s your favourite part of studying maths at UC?

I like the application of it. Last year we did an assignment where we looked at how to model something that was cancerous and the ways that you can treat it. Maths is a way to describe things in the real world, which makes understanding them a whole lot easier.

Any surprises at UC?

The classes are a lot more interactive than I expected. You might think a class consists of a lecturer writing down equations for 50 minutes. But instead, they give us examples of interesting problems and ask people for their ideas on how to solve them. It keeps you engaged and motivated to learn.

So it’s a stimulating place to study?

Yes – I enjoy being a student here. I feel like this environment makes me better at what I'm doing. They offer interesting things to learn and they help you learn it. If you want to go further and extend yourself, there are always extra resources available.

"Internships allow you to experience what it's like beyond uni."

What have you been up to outside class?

Last year I was president of the Economics and Finance Society. As part of that we got people to come in and talk about their jobs. We hosted an investment banker and a director from the Institute of Finance Professionals. Hearing from them made me aware of all the different career paths I could take.

How has UC helped your future career?

I just interned at PriceWaterhouseCoopers as an actuarial consultant. My studies had prepared me well for the data analysis and statistical side of it. But it was the experience of doing it that has given me skills for the professional world. Internships allow you to experience what it's like beyond uni.

It sounds like you’ve found your fit at UC.

I haven’t met anyone who isn’t proud to be here. That's important to me. You want to feel like you belong somewhere. Whether academic or through the clubs, it’s the opportunities you take that make it somewhere worth being.

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