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Senior Management Team

Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) Professor Ian Wright
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International) Dr Hamish Cochrane
University Registrar Mr Jeff Field
Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Māori) Mr Darryn Russell
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Arts Professor Jonathan Le Cocq
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Business and Law Professor Sonia Mazey
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education, Health & Human Development Professor Gail Gillon
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Engineering Professor Jan Evans-Freeman
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Science Professor Wendy Lawson
Chief Financial Officer Mr Keith Longden
Director of Human Resources Mr Paul O'Flaherty
Director of Student Services and Communications Ms Lynn McClelland
Executive Director of Learning Resources Ms Alex Hanlon


Heads of Academic Schools/Departments




Accounting and Information Systems

Associate Professor Maree Chetwin

01.01.14 - 31.12.18

Aotahi: Māori and Indigenous Studies (School) Sacha McMeeking 29.06.15 – 23.06.20
Biological Sciences (School) Professor Matthew Turnbull 14.06.14 - 13.06.17
Business and Economics Professor Paul Ballantine  
Chemical and Process Engineering Associate Professor Peter Gostomski 01.01.05 - 31.12.18
Chemistry Professor Mike Reid 01.05.15 - 28.02.17
Civil and Natural Resources Engineering Professor Mark Davidson 01.01.13 - 31.12.17
Communication Disorders Associate Professor Janet Carter 02.11.15 - 31.12.19
Computer Science and Software Engineering Associate Professor Austen Rainer
01.12.15 - 30.11.20
Economics and Finance Associate Professor Richard Watt 01.01.16 - 31.12.16
Educational Studies and Leadership (School) Associate Professor Missy Morton 01.01.13 - 01.01.16
Electrical and Computer Engineering    
Fine Arts (School) - School of Humanities & Creative Arts Associate Professor Aaron Kreisler


Forestry (School) Professor Bruce Manley 01.12.06 - 30.11.20
Geography Associate Professor Peyman Zawar-Reza 21.03.16 - 15.03.19
Geological Sciences Dr Catherine Reid 14.03.16 - 15.03.19
Health Sciences (School) Professor Michael Robb 01.01.15 – 31.12.20
Humanities & Creative Arts (School) Professor Paul Millar 01.01.13 – 31.12.17
Language, Social & Political Sciences (School) Professor Beth Hume 01.01.13 – 31.12.17
Law (School) Professor Karen Scott
30.09.15 - 31.12.16
Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Dr Sanna Malinen 20.09.16 – 31.12.16
Mathematics and Statistics (School) Professor Jennifer Brown 01.07.09 – 30.06.19
Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Shayne Gooch 01.01.17 - 01.03.18
Music (School) - School of Humanities & Creative Arts Associate Professor Glenda Keam 02.12.13 – 22.12.17
Psychology Associate Professor Janet Carter 01.01.15 - 31.12.19
Physics and Astronomy Professor Mike Reid 01.01.13 - 28.02.17
Sport and Physical Education (School) Professor Richard Light 01.01.13 – 01.01.18
Teacher Education (School) Professor Letitia Fickel 01.01.13 – 01.01.18

Heads of Service Units




Student Services and Communications Ms Lynn McClelland Director
Financial Services Keith Longden Director
Human Resources Mr Paul O'Flaherty Director
Learning Resources Ms Alex Hanlon Director

Other Heads/Directors




Canterbury University Press Lynn McClelland Director
Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) Dr John Boereboom Director
Early Childhood Learning Centre Ms Cassandra Yeo Manager
EPECentre Dr Allan Miller Director
Executive Development Programme (EDP) Dave Shearer Director
Gateway Antarctica Professor Bryan Storey Director
Geospatial Research Institute Wayne Tyson Manager
Health Centre Joan Allardyce Medical Director
HITLab NZ Ken Beckman Director
Macmillan Brown Centre Professor Steven Ratuva Director
National Centre for Research on Europe Professor Martin Holland Director
NZILBB Professor Jen Hay Director
Research & Innovation

Dr Maxine Bryant

Mr Bill Lee

Acting Director Research Services

Commercial Director
UC Education Plus Geoff Moore Director
UC Quake Centre Robert Finch Director
University Hall Mr Ian Brown Head
Centre for Risk, Resilience & Renewal (UCR3) Professor Tim Davies Director
Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management Professor Jenny Webster-Brown Director
Wireless Research Centre / Spatial Engineering Research Centre Fred Samandari Director





Academic Strategy Professor Catherine Moran 01.09.16 - 31.8.18
Commerce Dr Ross James
Education and Health Sciences Dr Julie Mackey  
Engineering Dean of Engineering (Academic) Professor Conan Fee 01.02.13 - 28.01.17

Associate Dean (Postgraduate) Professor Tanja Mitrovic

11.07.16 - 30.06.17

Dean of Engineering (International) Associate Professor David Wareham

01.11.15 - 31.01.18
Law Professor Ursula Cheer 01.01.16 - 31.12.16


Professor Jonathan Le Cocq 01.01.13 - 31.12.16
Associate Dean (Undergraduate) Dr Alison Griffith-Collins
01.01.13 - 31.12.16
Associate Dean (Research & Postgraduate) Associate Professor Lyndon Fraser 26.01.15 – 31.12.17
Associate Dean (Academic) Alison Holcroft  
Science Associate Professor Janet Carter 18.10.16 - 18.10.17
Postgraduate Research Professor Jon Harding 04.01.16 - 04.01.19
Associate Dean of Postgraduate Research (Scholarships)

Professor Bryce Williamson



  Name Appointment
Proctor Deirdre Hart – College of Science  
Proctor Matthew Barber - School of Law  
Proctor Te Hurinui Karaka-Clarke – Teacher Education  

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