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Boards and Committees

Academic Board

The Academic Board is the principal academic body in the University, and has power to make recommendations and reports to the Council on matters affecting the University, including research, courses of study, students, bursaries and scholarships, prizes and examinations.

The Academic Board co-ordinates the work of the faculties and all departments and is responsible for advising the Council on all academic matters.

Academic Board Meeting Dates

It comprises:

  1. the Vice-Chancellor;
  2. the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International);
  3. the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research);
  4. the Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Maori);
  5. the College Pro-Vice-Chancellors and the Director of Learning Resources;
  6. the Deans and Associate Deans of Faculties and Postgraduate Research;
  7. the Heads of Schools/Academic Departments, and the Directors of University Research Institutes or their nominees;
  8. the Professor of Maori Research;
  9. the University Librarian;
  10. a representative of the Academic Services Group, Vice-Chancellor’s Office;
  11. the President of the University of Canterbury Students’ Association;
  12. Chairs of Academic Board Committees;
  13. 1 academic staff member of the Council elected by the continuing members of the academic community at large;
  14. 7 academic staff members from each of the Faculties of Arts, Science, Engineering and Forestry, Commerce and Education; at least 5 elected from the faculty and up to 2 may be nominated by the Dean and approved by the faculty
  15. 2 academic staff members elected from the Faculty of Law;
  16. 6 students selected by UCSA;
  17. 1 student representing Maori students selected by Te Akatoki.

Other Committees

The Committees and Boards of Studies are listed on the University of Canterbury's staff intranet. Details include committee type, links to minutes, membership information, email links and terms of reference.

Please note: the staff intranet is only available to UC staff members.

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