Pacific Academic Solutions and Success

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The PASS programme works collaboratively to provide supplementary academic solutions designed to enhance Pacific students' success at the University of Canterbury.

PASS offers additional academic tutoring for priority courses, academic skills workshops and weekly drop-in assignment help at key times of the year.

PASS offers free tutoring to all domestic Pacific students at UC, with priority given to first-year students’ tutor requests.

Register online for PASS tutoring or drop into 37 Creyke Road to register in person. Once you are registered you are welcome to make contact with any of our tutors (see below tabs for tutors by surname and course code). If there is no tutor listed for your course please get in touch.

  •  All domestic Pacific students are eligible for a maximum of 30 hours of supplementary tutoring for your courses throughout the year from the PASS programme.
  • PASS is student-driven programme and students use the PASS Tutor list to contact PASS Tutors to schedule tutoring sessions. However, Pacific Advisors are always here to help if you are having difficulty making tutoring arrangements - please contact a Pacific Student Advisor
  • PASS Tutoring sessions can be 1-2 hours in length, per course per week (up to the max of 30 hours per year).
  • Please note that late cancellations (ie, 10 mins prior to a scheduled tutorial) or non-attendance to a scheduled PASS Tutorial session may incur a deduction of time from your 30 hours of PASS Tutoring for the year.
  • Group sessions are preferred where there is more than one student requesting tutoring for a particular course and Engineering PASS tutorials are group sessions only.
  • New Zealand Scholarship (NZS) students from the Pacific have access to tutoring through Student Support. Please ask us if you would like us to refer any of the tutors employed by PASS to your Student Support Advisor as a potential NZS tutor.
  • If you are an International Pacific student who requires more support, please contact us and we can talk through your options. Or contact the Academic Skills Centre and Student Support who cater specifically for international students.
  • The PASS Tutor list is normally available by the first week of each semester for core 100-level courses and updated as new tutors are recruited throughout the year.
  • Tutor recruitment closes at the end of week four each semester.
  • Late semester tutor requests and those requests for tutors above 100-level may not be able to be met.
  • Although we fill the majority of tutor requests each semester by the end of week four, there are always some courses we cannot find tutors for.
  • Registering for PASS and requesting a tutor does not guarantee we will find a tutor for all requested courses.

See tutors listed by course code or browse the full table below to contact a tutor for your course.

Tutor Courses Email
Anatea LAWS 101 - LAWS 110, LAWS 203
Brad EDUC 102/TEDU 110, EDUC 100 to 300 level, ENGL 100-300 level, SOCI 220
Charlie EMTH 100, ENGR 102, MATH 100 level
Curtis LAWS 101 and LAWS 110, PSYC 100 level
Devmali Finance 100 - 300 level
Ivan EMTH 171, MGMT 100
Josiah HIST 100 level, POLS 100 & 200 levels
Kuki  PHYS 300 level 
Louise  FRENCH 100 level 
Marcus PHIL 100 level
Matt  PHIL 132, 139, 208, 229, 233, 235, 305, 310, 317
Mereana  HIST 100 level 
Moss  COSC121, COSC122 
Nick  CHEM 111 & 114, EMTH 100 level, ENCH 199, ENCH 241, ENCH 281, ENCH 291, ENCH 292, ENCH 293, ENCH 295, ENCH 296, ENCH 298, ENGR 101, PHYS 100 level 
Nicole  SPCO102, SPCO104, SPCO107, SPAN101, SPAN102, EDUC101 
Nikita-Marie  ACCT102, ACCT103, BRDG031, ECON104, ECON105, ECON207, ECON208, ECON390, INFO123, LAWS202, LAWS205, LAWS206, STATS101 
Noah  CHEM112, CHEM114, BIOL100 & 200 level 
Olivia  HSRV 100 & 200 level, ANTH 100 & 200 level, SOWK 100 & 200 level 
Ricky  ACCT102, ECON104 
Suli  HLTH 100-300 level (Health Sciences), MAOR270, BIOL116, BIOL251, GEOG322, SPCO 100-300 level 
Tohoa  ANTH 100 & 200 level, SOCI 100 and 200 level, ENG 100 level 
Unaiki  MAOR214, Te Reo Maori, TREO 100-300 level 

PASS Learning Skills is run jointly with the Academic Skills Centre, UC Library and Pacific Development to provide academic skills workshops and one-to-one drop-in assignment and study planning support for Pacific students.

The first of this series of four interactive sessions is a workshop on Skills for University study. Then every following Thursday until week four of term one there will be additional sessions on reading and note-taking; critical thinking and analysis of the assignment question; referencing and editing.

PASS Library Skills is a jointly run programme of library orientations & referencing skills with UC Library Pasifika contacts in each library and Pacific Development. We'll let you know upcoming workshops here throughout the year, but please feel free to get in touch with any of the Pasifika UC Library contacts for citation, referencing and finding resources anytime.

Fiona Tyson

Kaitiaki Kaupapa
Puaka - James Hight Rm 522
Internal Phone: 93865