Māori students

As a Māori student at UC, you will have access to a network of support services to help you to succeed in your chosen field of study.

Māori development team

Our dedicated Māori Development Team is committed to your personal and professional growth and is your best information resource. Your fellow students are also there to enable your success. Peer mentors, Māori student groups and other informal social networks make UC a welcoming and fun environment to learn and grow.

The Māori Development Team, the Office of Assistant Vice-Chancellor Māori and all the other UC academics and support departments at UC continue to develop new services and offerings to enable your academic success. Below is a summary of some of our flagship programmes.

Other opportunities continually arise throughout the academic year.

Keep in touch and informed through the Māori Development Team Facebook page.

Māori student support services

UC Māori Orientation

At UC, we welcome you, as a new Māori student, and your whānau to the UC Campus. Māori Orientation provides you with an overview of how UC works, introduces you to various support services on campus and connects you with other new UC Māori students and important staff members before your studies begin.

Tuākana Programme

UC offers a peer support for new UC Māori students through the Tuakana Mentoring Programme. As a first year UC Māori student, you’ll be buddied with one of our current high achieving Māori Tuākana/Mentors.

Trained Tuākana share their experience and help you develop your own peer network to support you in your studies.

Academic undergraduate support

To support you in your studies, UC offers additional undergraduate development and support opportunities for Māori students including group tutorials for some 100-level first year courses, special sessions of UC Learning Skills Centre’s writing skill and essay workshops, and study week exam workshops for popular papers.

Māori postgraduate support

As a Māori postgraduate student, you will have access to a dedicated Māori advisor for postgraduates and to opportunities to participate in workshops, seminars, mentoring, research specific activities and events to support your professional and academic development.

Scholarships for Māori students

Numerous scholarships and awards are available to help you fund your studies. Search scholarships at UC to help identify upcoming scholarships for Māori students in your discipline of study.

Students associations and clubs

Te Akatoki Māori Students’ Association

Te Ākatoki Māori Students’ Association is a UCSA affiliated organisation that sponsors numerous social events throughout the year for UC’s Māori students. Based at Te Whare Akonga o Te Akatoki, Te Ākatoki offers you a welcoming environment to hang out or study. 

Find Te Ākatoki Māori Students’ Association on Facebook.

Te Pūtairiki Māori Law Students’ Society

Te Pūtairiki Māori is the student run Māori Law Students' Society at the University of Canterbury. The society provides support, guidance and pastoral care and encourages academic excellence in Māori law students. 

Find Te Pūtairiki Māori Law Students’ Society on Facebook

Study and social spaces for Māori students

Te Whare Ākonga o Te Akatoki Māori Students' Study Centre

Often called just ‘The Whare’, Te Whare Ākonga o Te Akatoki is a space for you to study either alone or in groups, check email and catch up with friends over a coffee.

The Whare is equipped with study rooms, a meeting space, a computer room and showering facilities. The space is equipped with kitchen and a hangi pit.

Te Puna i Te Ora at Dovedale - College of Education, Health and Human Development

Māori students studying at the College of Education, Health and Human Development have access to the Te Puna i Te Ora study centre. The space is equipped with study areas, computers, teaching resources, kitchen facilities and is a friendly support network for students.

Te Puna is the hub of Māori oriented activities and events on the Dovedale campus, with many students coming to Te Puna to experience the cultural diversity of Māori in education.