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Our continuous exposure to advertising and sales pitches leads us to believe that marketing activities begin only when goods or services have been produced. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Marketing is concerned with the analysis of customer needs and securing information needed to design and produce goods or services that match buyer expectations. Strategic research methods, advertising and promotion, merchandising, sales, and management of products and services are utilised in the process, which applies to profit-oriented firms as well as not-for-profit organisations. The skills gained at UC are relevant globally.

Recommended background

There are no formal requirements for those wishing to study Marketing.

An interest in human behaviour and social sciences such as psychology, sociology, political science and education is advantageous.

Good communication skills, both written and interpersonal, are important. Those who have studied English to an advanced level at school will benefit from the skills they have developed. A sound understanding and previous study of statistics is also useful.

100-level courses

The first-year, 100-level courses required to complete a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing are:

  • ACCT 102 Accounting and Financial Information
  • ECON 104 Introduction to Microeconomics or ECON 199 (a STAR course for secondary school students)
  • INFO 123 Information Systems and Technology
  • MGMT 100 Fundamentals of Management
  • MKTG 100 Principles of Marketing
  • STAT 101 Statistics 1
  • Plus 30 points of 100-level Commerce or any other UC courses.

For the complete, three-year BCom Marketing major degree plan see the School of Business and Economics website.

200-level and beyond

Later courses provide a more detailed treatment of the topics introduced at 100-level. Options are also available that enable specialisation in areas of interest.

Further study

One further year of study is required for the Bachelor of Commerce with Honours degree. The Master of Commerce degree requires one further year of study beyond honours and involves a research thesis. A number of students also progress to doctoral (PhD) study.

Career opportunities

A Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing will open the door to an exciting career in advertising and promotion, brand management, product management, market research, retail management, and sales and merchandising. Most of these jobs require both quantitative and interpersonal skills. Marketing careers provide a lot of variety, since the roles and functions of marketers are constantly evolving as the business environment changes.

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