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    • 2014
Emma Puloka

Student Profile

‘My degree will be a platform that will allow me to do what I’m passionate about...’

Emma Puloka Studying towards a BSc(Hons) in Environmental Science
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Environmental Science


BSc (as an endorsement), PGDipSc, MSc, PhD


Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the environment, incorporating its structure and functioning, and human interactions with the environment.

Environmental Science is an integrative subject that builds on a strong disciplinary base in a major subject such as Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography or Geology, with additional study in areas including Antarctic Studies; Forestry; Freshwater Management; Mathematics; Science, Māori and Indigenous Knowledge; and Statistics (see Related subjects below).

The University operates field stations at Cass (in the Canterbury high country), Kaikoura, Harihari (South Westland) and Westport that are particularly well-equipped for Environmental Science teaching and research.

Environmental Science courses

To receive an endorsement in Environmental Science you must major in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography or Geology and complete the 360 points for the BSc degree. Of the 360 points, you must complete the core courses (60 points) and the required courses for your major.

For the full degree requirements see the Regulations for the Bachelor of Science

Career opportunities

Environmental Science is a growth area for careers. Well-educated people with strong technical and communication skills are needed to help identify, to monitor and possibly to solve a variety of problems associated with the environment and with the use and allocation of resources and sustainability.

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Dr Sally Gaw
Environmental Science Coordinator
Department of Chemistry
Environmental Science programme
Telephone: +64 3 364 2818

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