Rotorua Graduation Ceremony

The Rotorua graduation ceremony is held once a year for College of Education students based in the North Island.

Time and date

Thursday, 7 December 2017, 1.30pm. Guests are requested to be seated by 1.10pm.


Nina Hogan Performing Arts Centre, Rotorua Girls' High School, 251 Old Taupo Rd, Hillcrest, Rotorua 3015. Parking is available at the Miro Street entrance.

Applications to graduate at the December 2017 ceremony are now closed.

Please note:

  • If you have already graduated in absentia you cannot also attend a graduation ceremony.

If you choose to graduate at a ceremony, you must wear the correct academic regalia (hood and gown) for your qualification. Ordering academic regalia is your responsibility. Further information will be provided in August.


Applications for regalia hire have now closed. Availability of regalia cannot now be guaranteed and your application to graduate may be declined.

Appropriate clothing

The graduation ceremony is a formal celebration of your achievement and graduands are encouraged to dress appropriately. In addition to academic regalia, graduands are encouraged to wear clothing or garments of honour from their tradition such as a sari, kākahu/korowai or ta'ovala over their gown. The hood must be worn over the top of these garments.

Collecting your regalia

Academic regalia will be available for collection from Classroom A4, Rotorua Girls’ High School.

Please note:

  • Do not wear academic regalia in the rain.
  • If you order academic regalia but are not eligible to graduate, the hire fee will be refunded.

Guest tickets are available for collection when you collect your academic regalia. If we are not able to provide you with all the tickets you have requested, you will be sent an email ahead of time. Due to the limited amount of space available, we are not always able to provide everyone with the full number of tickets they have requested.

Guests are requested to be seated by 1.10pm.

Graduands must assemble in front of the Whare at Rotorua Girls' High School, no later than 12.45pm.

Participating in the procession is not optional but if you are unable to take part in the procession, please inform the Graduation Office on (03) 369 5024.

If the procession is cancelled, notices will be broadcast at 11am and 12 noon on Newstalk ZB. Please assemble in the foyer of the Nina Hogan Performing Arts Centre, Rotorua Girls' High School by 1pm.

On arrival at the Centre:

  • A kaikaranga from the tangata whenua will call the graduands and staff into the Banquet Room.
  • A kaikaranga will respond from the University of Canterbury staff and students.
  • Staff and graduands then process into the room and proceed to their designated seats in the correct order.

The ceremony:

  • The ceremony will open with a Mihi, Graduands and audience will stand for a Himene and the New Zealand National Anthem.
  • Once everyone is seated, the Chancellor will convene the ceremony for the conferment of degrees.
  • All degrees are presented singly.
  • After the presentations are completed, the audience is addressed by an invited speaker.
  • The ceremony concludes with a Karakia and Himene.

After the ceremony:

  • Once the academic party has left the stage, the marshals will indicate for you to follow out into the foyer.
  • The ceremony will be followed by afternoon tea.

Please note: If you have a change of circumstances and are unable to attend the ceremony in person, you must notify the Graduation Office on (03) 369 5024 or Your qualification will then be conferred in absentia and posted to you. You will not be able to attend a ceremony at a later date for the same qualification.

If you, or any of your guests, have a disability for which specific arrangements are required, please inform the Graduation Office on (03) 369 5024.

If you require your official academic record or an official letter from the University confirming your eligibility to graduate please see Academic Letters and Transcripts.

Once your qualification has been awarded, your name will be added to the online Graduate Search which is publicly accessible. The University also gives names of graduates to their former secondary school.

Stay connected with UC

When you graduate, you become a member of the UC Alumni. To join the Alumni network and remain connected to UC, visit the Alumni and Fundraising website.