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Human Ethics

Secretary: Rebecca Robinson

Office Hours
Monday 2.30pm-5pm
Tuesday 8.30am-11am
Wednesday 8.30am-5pm
Thursday 2.30pm-5pm
Friday 8.30am-5pm

Phone: +64 3 369 4588 ext: 94588

HEC members

Jane Maidment

Professor / HEC Chair
Postgraduate Co-ordinator / MSW (Applied) Co-ordinator
Psychology Staff Block 310.1
Internal Phone: 94518

Kelly Dombroski

Senior Lecturer
Geography 511
Internal Phone: 94101

Tiina Vares

Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate Co-ordinator
Psychology Staff Block 307
Internal Phone: 93774

Prof Adrian Sawyer

Business and Law 502
Internal Phone: 93815

Kim Rutter

Electrical Link Rm 514
Internal Phone: 94388

Doctor Rhonda Powell

Law 421
Internal Phone: 93801

Ken Booth


Lauretta Muir


Lance McBride

Students' Association representative

Lindsey MacDonald

Policy and Governance & Honours Co-ordinator
Locke Building Rm 605
Internal Phone: 95113

Cindy Zeiher

Human Services Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Psychology-Sociology Rm 326
Internal Phone: 94351

ERHEC members

Dr Patrick Shepherd

Wheki 113
Internal Phone: 93807

Ms Trish McMenamin

Senior Lecturer
Wheki 210
Internal Phone: 95572

Anne van Bysterveldt

Senior Lecturer
Communication Disorders, Unit 11 Rm 202
Internal Phone: 93533

Dr Chris North

Senior Lecturer
Deputy Head of School
Recreation Centre 136
Internal Phone: 93436

Associate Professor Debra Wilson

Associate Professor
Director of the LLM (Coursework)
Law 315
Internal Phone: 93953

Kathryn Andrews

Kaitiaki Kaupapa
Subject Librarian
Education; Sport Coaching
Puaka - James Hight Rm 522
Internal Phone: 93945

Llyween Couper

College of Education Staff

Neil Fleming