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Health and Wellbeing

Be healthy, active, and connected to things that make you happy and keep you well – here are just a few you can choose from.

Health Centre & Counselling Services - Provides healthcare, counselling, and physiotherapy. Many of its services are either free or heavily subsidised for NZ citizens if you register with them first.

Accommodation - Here to help with everything from the halls of residence to renting privately and tenancy issues.

Community Support Organisations - If you need specialist help and support make sure that you contact somebody, whether it be from the University of Canterbury or from a community group.

Disability Resource Service - DRS offers all kinds of practical supports to students studying with temporary impairments or long term disabilities, including extra time for exams, note taking, and sign-language interpreters.

Feeling down or anxious? - The good news is you don’t need to go it alone, for there are plenty of ways to get help and support.

Security - Provides 24 hour patrols of campus. Phone them if you ever feel unsafe or if there’s an emergency and someone needs help.

Sexual assault - UC takes the issue of sexual assault and supporting victims of sexual assault seriously. We are here to help and support. This includes help in campus from Security, Help Towers around campus and support and advice from UC Health Centre or Student Care. New Zealand Police also provide helpful, supportive advice here.

Sexual harassment - UC is committed to a university environment where students can expect safe learning conditions free from harassment (including bullying) or discrimination. If you have a concern, or have been, or are being sexually harassed, you can get advice about your options from: Student Care, UCSA: or find out about UC’s complaints process. Read more about your rights and responsibilities at UC.

Student Care Team - Feeling homesick, lonely, overwhelmed by study, or simply don't know where to go? The Student Care Team can provide great practical guidance and advice to help get you through.

UC Chaplaincy & Faith Groups on Campus - Offers pastoral and practical support and a great listening ear.

UC Rec Centre - Look after your fitness and health at the UC RecCentre, where you can lift weights, climb rocks, shoot hoops, and join fitness classes like Zumba, spin, and yoga. Best yet, it’s free for students.

UC Sport - Offers athletic development, sport competitions, student internships, sport club support, and more!

UCSA Support & Clubs - The UCSA will try to help with any issue, including academic, financial, or personal. They’re also connected with a wide array of student clubs you can join—everything from yoga and sci-fi to dancing and wine tasting.