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Financial Support

Manage your money while studying with a range of free helpful resources, links, scholarships and funding information.

Careers – If you need a job to help fund your study, talk to careers for help on job searching, CV’s and interview prep.

City Mission - social service agency that can provide immediate support.

Emergency Accommodation - If you need emergency short term accommodation, there are people you can talk to and places you can go.

Financial advice and planning – If you need financial help, these financial supports and resources may help you.

International student welfare fund – If you’re an international student experiencing financial hardship, contact your student support team about the International Student Welfare Fund.

Overseas financial aid – If you’re an international student coming to UC, your home country might be able to provide you with financial help.

Salvation Army - can provide accommodation support for a range of situations.

Scholarships – If you’re looking at ways to fund your university study, be sure to check out the scholarships, grants and awards available.

Student Job Search – Don’t know where to look to find a job? Check out Student Job Search, which can have over 3000 jobs available at any given time.

Study link - If you need further finance, you may qualify for Student Loans and Allowances from StudyLink.

UCSA Foodbank - If finances have gotten a bit tight and you need some help with groceries, the Foodbank might be able to help you.

UCSA Mickle Fund - If you’re a student of ability and good character who would not be able to complete your studies because of your financial circumstances, then there might be a recoverable loan available to you.