Equity and diversity

A sense of belonging is an important part of University life

UC recognises that a sense of 'belonging' is an integral part of University life and we are committed to developing a diverse, culture-rich, and cooperative environment for all. Our policies aim to ensure that all staff and students are given the opportunity and support to grow as individuals and as part of the wider community.

Support for Maori students

As a Māori student at UC, you will have access to a network of support services to help you to succeed in your chosen field of study.

Support for Pacific students

UC welcomes new Pacific students from throughout New Zealand and across the Pacific.

Support for international students

The Student Care Team is your international student support team.

UC Diversity Champions

A UC Diversity champion is someone who is knowledgeable on, and sympathetic to, diversity and equity issues. Please feel free to contact our diversity champions should you have any questions or issues regarding diversity. They are all very approachable and are keen to hear what you have to say!

UC is committed to providing equitable work and study opportunities

UC’s policies and work practices have been developed with the aim of providing equitable work and study opportunities to our staff and students.

We are committed to increasing the recruitment, appointment, development and retention of individuals from under-represented groups and to reducing and removing barriers to staff and student participation.

Equity and diversity advisory committee (CEDAC)


  • Provide advice to Senior Management regarding Equity and Diversity issues.
  • Provide advice regarding amendments Equity and Diversity UC policies.
  • Monitor performance of departments and the University as a whole in Equity and Diversity matters.

Guidance and advice

The committee is composed of academic staff, general staff, and UC students. If you have any questions, concerns or would like some advice, please contact Director Student Success, Liz Keneti - liz.keneti@canterbury.ac.nz.

Details about the CEDAC are available to staff on the intranet - Central Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee (CEDAC) (staff only).

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On Tuesday 25 July, the Japanese Programme released this year’s collaborative dance video – ‘Koi Dance’. This dance, which originates as the theme tune of a popular Japanese TV drama, has become a craze in Japan. Our version was made from sections of the dance performed by all 400+ participants at this year’s annual NCEA […]

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Type Using Macrons

Macrons are an important part of writing te reo Māori accurately. They indicate vowel length. Vowel length can change meaning. To type a macron, tap the ~ key followed by the vowel that you wish to place a macron above. eg,  ~+a = ā;  ~+A = Ā Note: the ~ key, or tilde key, is just below […]

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What does tangata tū, tangata ora’ mean for historians?

Katie Pickles, editor of History Making a Difference: New Approaches from Aotearoa, writes: What is meant by the UC vision of ‘people prepared to make a difference – tangata tū, tangata ora’? A new publication engages with what the vision means for historians. History Making a Difference is a collection of essays showcasing new approaches […]

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What are Rainbow Communities?

Today 30 staff and students from UC, Ara and Lincoln attended a workshop with Anne Nicholson from Q-topia on ‘making a difference for LGBTIQ+ students on campus’. Anne asked us to watch these short videos in preparation for the workshop, and they were so useful and informative I wanted to share them with you. They explain about […]

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Professor David Wiltshire from UC’s School of Physical and Chemical Sciences updates us on UC alumnus Dr Ahsan Nazer: Dr Ahsan Nazer, who completed his PhD in cosmology at UC Physics and Astronomy in 2014, is about to make a brave career move. He is returning to Kabul to take up a position as Assistant Professor of […]

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