Wingate test

The 30-second Wingate Test is an all out effort to examine your power production profile and will be performed on our air-braked cycle ergometer.

Test details

The test begins from a stationary start and on the "Go” signal you will take off as hard and as fast as you can while remaining seated. There is no pacing in this test; it is all out from the start and then holding on as well as you can for the full 30 seconds. You should aim to achieve the highest peak power possible as well as keeping a high average power across the full 30 seconds as possible.

How the results are used

A 30-second Wingate test measures your power profile and can identify areas for further training.

We will measure your peak power, average power, peak cadence, fatigue rate, time to peak power and obtain an indication of your anaerobic capacity. This information provides a good baseline to monitor changes with training and may also highlight areas which require more specific attention in your training.

Time required

Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for your 30-second Wingate Test procedure and results discussion.

The test itself takes 30 seconds. The total testing session from arrival to departure, including bike setup, warm-up, 30-second Wingate test and discussion of the results, should last approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The results will be presented and discussed immediately after your testing session and a full report will also be sent to you.


A Wingate test costs $70 and is payable at the time of testing.

Further information

For detailed test information download our information sheet: