The VO2 max test is an incremental test to voluntary exhaustion. We can test you on cycling, running, rowing and kayaking ergometers.

How the results are used

Results from a VO2 Max Test are used to determine your aerobic fitness level.

The amount of oxygen you breathe in and out is measured and gives us an indication of your aerobic fitness. We can then give you a comparison to general and athletic populations, and to the requirements of different sports.

Monitor changes in your fitness

VO2 Max Tests are good to monitor changes in your aerobic fitness over time. We recommend re-testing 1-2 times per year so you can monitor changes in your aerobic fitness and therefore the effectiveness of your training.

Time required

Allow 1 hour for your VO2 Max Test procedure and results discussion.

The test itself will take approx 15 minutes. The total testing session from arrival to departure, including ergometer setup, warm-up, VO2 max test and discussion of the results, should take approximately 1 hour.

The results will be available immediately and discussed following your testing session. A copy of your full results will be sent to you.

Cost of a VO2 max test

A VO2 Max test costs $120 and is payable at the time of testing.

Further information

For detailed test information download one of our information sheets.