A range of anthropometry tests can be undertaken to assess your body fat, frame size/body type, waist-to-hip ratio and BMI.


Anthropometry is part of the General Fitness Assessment package which costs $70. If ONLY skinfolds are required, the cost starts from $35.

How the results are used

Skinfolds can estimate your body fat percentage. Your results are used to estimate your body fat percentage based on population-specific equations. Thus, your results are compared to a population close to yours in age, gender and training status.

Girth, weight, height and breadth (frame size) measurements combined can be used to identify increased cardiovascular disease risk and to identify your somatotype (body type). Our high quality equipment is calibrated regularly for more accurate results.


All anthropometric tests are performed by ISAK accredited staff. They are non-invasive and require no cardiovascular fitness or hard effort.

Further information

For detailed test information please download our information sheet: