Lactate Profile

The lactate threshold test is an incremental test to voluntary exhaustion. We can test you on cycling, running, rowing and kayaking ergometers.

How test results are used

Results from a Lactate test are used for determining individualised training thresholds.

The blood lactate and heart rate information obtained are used to work out your individualised training thresholds. These can be used immediately to target specific heart rate zones in your training. You can then optimise your individual training sessions and manage your weekly and monthly training loads.

Time required

Allow 1-1.5 hours for your Lactate test procedure and results discussion.

The test itself will take approx 20-30 mins. The total testing session from arrival to departure will take approx 1 to 1.5 hours. This time is used for ergometer setup, warm-up, lactate testing and discussion of the results.

The results will be available immediately and discussed following your testing session. A full report will also be sent to you.

Cost of a lactate test

A Lactate test costs $120 and is payable at the time of testing.

Need more information?

For detailed test information download one of our information sheets.