Fitness Assessment

A general fitness assessment costs just $100 and will include a range of tests to give you a baseline set of health & fitness information.

How the results are used

Results from a general fitness assessment (GFA) provide a baseline set of information to monitor changes.

It's an ideal place to start if you're planning to undertake a new health & fitness regime, and would like to see how your efforts are making a difference to your overall health and fitness.

Who will benefit

A GFA includes a range of tests suitable for beginners and intermediate level exercisers.

We recommend re-testing 1-2 times a year. The tests you will undertake usually include a: 

Time required

Allow 60 minutes for your General Fitness Assessment procedure and results discussion

The total testing session from arrival to departure, including setup, warm-up, tests and discussion of the results, should take approximately 60mins.

The results will be discussed immediately after your testing session and you will receive a results summary.


Cost of a General Fitness Assessment is $100 - extremely good value and a sound investment in your health and fitness.

Standard medical screening

All potential clients must complete our standard medical screening questionnaire, which includes a consent form, prior to testing.

Further information

For detailed test information download our information sheet: