Coach Development Programme - UC Sport - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Coach Development Programme

Purpose: “Developing coaching capability and leadership to enhance UC Sport performance and participation”

The UC Coach Programme aims to improve the skills of coaches working with our University of Canterbury athletes (teams and individual).  The programme supports selected coaches who have been identified and nominated by their club.  The content of the programme offers a wide range of learning opportunities and a pathway from participation to high performance. As part of the programme coaches will receive:

Performance Analysis Support

UC Coaches will have access to technique and game analysis support (e.g. Sportscode and Game Breaker+ software) for performance analysis.  Practical training will be provided on how to use hardware and software. UC Sport and Recreation will help support:

  • Filming and coding of games and/or skills
  • Specific technique analysis (e.g. running, movement patterns, change of direction, drag flicking, kicking etc)
  • Game review and planning sessions
  • Opposition analysis
  • Databasing of key skills
  • Tracking of performance indicators

Having worked right across the spectrum from grass-roots sports through to Olympic athletes, the team at UC Sport are here to provide a professional framework for you to achieve your goals. Contact us today.

 Performance Analysis - Sportscode package used for coaches game analysis and review.  Performance Analysis – UC Sport premier coaches have access to Sportstec software for pre and post game analysis.


Guy Borren – UC Hockey Premier Men

Performance Analysis - One of our two 25 Ft High Endzone Tripods for filming from elevation.

“The support of the sports analysis is absolutely vital for our teams continuous improvement. Being able to see your technique, option taking

and overall perfomrnce is key in understanging your individual and team game. With the Gamebreaker you can do this and so efficiently which allows our team to be able to pick up key information rapidly and still keep up with our busy schedules. It is also been pivotal in our aquisition of 6 of the best hockey players coming in to Chch from out of town in the last five years.

Piet Van Hasselt – UC Basketball

"Having access to these performance analysis tools via UC Sport form a vital part of our weekly operations and enable our coaches to give specific feedback to players which has helped us increase performance both individually and as a team.  This gives us a vital competitive advantage over other club teams as they can't access this technology.  It also helps our coaches with long-term professional development and a chance to be exposed to technology that is being used at higher levels."