UC SPARK - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Dr Kate Kearns

School of Language, Social and Political Sciences; Linguistics

Fields of Research

  • Semantics, especially verbs and time
  • Syntax, especially verbs and verb phrases
  • Variation in sentential syntax - complementizers

Researcher Summary

Syntax and semantics, particularly verb phrase syntax, the lexical semantics of verbs, aspect and aktionsarten, and the syntax and semantics of events. Recent research also includes syntactic variation in the realization of the English finite complementizer.

Subject Area: Disciplines

Research Groups


Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

(Displaying research/scholarly/creative work for 2002 - 2007)
  • Kearns K. (2007) Complementizer variation in noun complement clauses. University of Canterbury: Department of Linguistics Research Seminar, 01 Nov 2007. (Oral Presentations)
  • Kearns K. (2007) That that thing we do: Where to omit 'that' in noun complement clauses. Hamilton, New Zealand: Linguistic Society of New Zealand (LSNZ) 17th Biennial Conference, 19-20 Nov 2007 (Conference Contributions - Other)
  • Kearns K. (2006) Lexical Semantics. In Aarts B; McMahon A (Ed.), The Handbook of English Linguistics: 557-580. Oxford: Blackwell. (Chapters)
  • Kearns K. (2005) Composed accomplishment events in English: Syntax and semantics. Wuppertal, Germany: Wuppertaler Linguistisches Forum, 01 Sep 2005. (Oral Presentations)
  • Kearns K. (2005) I think epistemic phrases could be revisited. Brisbane, Australia: University of Queensland Linguistics Seminar, 05 Sep 2006. (Oral Presentations)
  • Kearns K. (2005) Telic senses of deadjectival verbs. Konstanz, Germany: Konstanz University Linguistics Colloquium, 21 Apr 2005. (Oral Presentations)
  • Kearns K. (2005) The resurgence of the English null finite complementizer. Sydney, Australia: University of Sydney Linguistics Colloquium, 16 Jun 2005. (Oral Presentations)
  • Kearns K. (2005) The Distribution of Null Finite Complementizer in English. Auckland, New Zealand: New Zealand Linguistics Society Conference, 17 Nov 2005 (Conference Contributions - Other)
  • Kearns Kate. (2005) Light verbs in English. (Discussion/Working Papers)
  • Kearns K. (2004) Review of S. Rothstein 2004, Structuring Events: A study in the semantics of lexical aspect. Te Reo 46: 118-132. (Journal Articles)
  • Kearns K. (2003) Durative achievements and individual-level predicates on events. Linguistics and Philosophy 26(5): 595-635. (Journal Articles)
  • Kearns K., Lewis H. and Toivonen I. (2003) The grammatical function of with-themes in English. Helsinki, Finland: SKY Symposium, 1 Nov 2003 (Conference Contributions - Other)
  • Kearns K. (2002) Review of Eckardt, 'Adverbs, events and other things'. Word 53: 87-99. (Journal Articles)
  • Kearns Kate. (2002) Review of Regine Eckardt, Adverbs, Events and Other Things: Issues in the Semantics of Manner Adverbs. Word 53(1): 87-99. (Journal Articles)
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