UC SPARK - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Associate Professor Bronwyn Mary Hayward

School of Language, Social and Political Sciences; Political Science and International Relations

Fields of Research

  • Children and youth politics
  • Climate change
  • Urban governance and planning
  • Resilience
  • Social research
  • Citizenship and civics education
  • New Zealand politics
  • Environmental policy

Researcher Summary

Bronwyn researches citizenship and sustainability, with a particular focus on children & youth in a rapidly changing physical and socio-economic environment.

Head of Department of Political Science and International Relations and director of the Sustainable Citizenship and Civic Imagination: Hei Puāwaitanga research group http://www.arts.canterbury.ac.nz/political/scci.shtml at UC, Bronwyn is a co-researcher at the University of Oslo on the Voices of the Future project and a co-investigator with the Centre for Understanding Sustainable prosperity, at the University of Surrey, UK. She is also Senior Visiting Fellow: Centre for Environmental Strategy (University of Surrey) and was visiting fellow: Tyndall Centre for climate change research 2008-2010.

Bronwyn was lead author for two UN Environment Programme reports on 18-35 year olds' attitudes to lifestyles and sustainability (UK/NZ). Her latest book is Children, Citizenship and Environment (2012) London, Routledge. She is a member of the International Social Sciences Council steering committee for Transformation, and chair of NZPSA All Universities Working party on Civics, Citizenship and Political Literacy http://www.nzpsa.com/civics-citizenship-and-political-literacy

Bronwyn has worked for children's TV, served as a ministerial appointee to NZ Broadcasting Standards Authority, and is a trustee of SPARK Foundation.

Bronwyn was inaugural co-winner of UC Arts Conscience & Critic of Society Research Award 2014

Subject Area: Disciplines

Research Projects

Research Groups

Future Research

  • Understand changing attitudes and values of public over time

Key Methodologies

  • Longitudinal studies
  • Multimedia
  • Resilience (social, economic, cultural and environmental)
  • Deliberative processes
  • Citizen juries
  • Children’s research methodologies
  • Multicultural research
  • Interdiciplinery research
  • Political communication


Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

Authored Books Edited Volumes
  • Hayward, B. (Ed.) (2008) Political Science, 60(1). Special issue: The Politics of Climate Change Issues for New Zealand and Small States of the Pacific. London: Sage, on behalf of Victoria University of Wellington. 176pp.
  • Hayward, B. (Ed.) (2008) The Politics of Climate Change: Issues for New Zealand and Small States of the Pacific. Wellington: Dunmore Publishers.
Journal Articles
  • Hayward, B., Selboe, E. and Plew, E. (2015) Citizenship for a changing global climate: Learning from New Zealand and Norway. Citizenship, Social and Economic Education 14(1): 19-27. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/2047173415577506.
  • Hayward, B. (2009) Our Changing Political and Global Climate: Can we "grow" and remain "happy"? Women Talking Politics 7(Summer): 1-3.
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  • Hayward B. (1993) Participatory Democracy: Questions raised by feminist involvement with practise and theory. Political Science 45: 27-39.
  • Hayward, B. (1991) Getting Heard in the Green Debate: Environmental Policy and Strong Democracy in New Zealand. Sites: Journal for Radical Perspectives on Culture 22(Summer): 54-63.
Chapters in Books
  • Hayward, B., Collins, R. and Nissen, S. (2016) Children and Environment. In D. Demeritt, N. Castree and D. Richardson (Ed.), The International Encyclopaedia of Geography: in press. London: Wiley.
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  • Hayward, B., Selboe, E. and O'Brien, K. (2014) Supporting resilience global citizenship in a changing climate: Lessons from Norway, Samoa and New Zealand. In UNICEF Office of Research (Ed.), The Challenges of Climate Change: Children on the front line: 79-86. Florence: Innocenti Insight, UNICEF Office of Research.
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Conference - Published
  • Hayward, B. (2011) Growing up in a dynamic climate: Why citizenship will matter more than behaviour change. Wellington, New Zealand: Climate Futures: pathways for society, 31 Mar-1 Apr 2011.
  • Hayward, B.M. (2005) Effective Citizen Engagement and Social Learning in Environmental Policy: The New Zealand Experience. Washington, DC, USA: 2005 Annual Meeting of the American Political Association, 1-4 Sep 2005. : 27 pp.
Conference - Other - Full conference papers
  • Hayward, B. (2015) Legacy Stories for a city in transition: Filling the Gaps after a natural disaster. Cambridge, UK: Integrating Humanities and Social Sciences Research in Energy System Transition Workshop, 5 Sep 2015.
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Conference - Other - Oral presentations
  • Ford, G., Watson, K. and Hayward, B. (2013) The New Zealand Political Language Corpus and Citizen Taxpayer: Introducing a new corpus and a case study exploring representations of the taxpayer.. Christchurch, New Zealand.: New Zealand Political Studies Association Conference, 2-3 Dec 2013.
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Conference - Other - Poster presentations
  • Selboe, E., Nordbø, M.J., Hayward, B.M. and O'Brien, K. (2014) Norwegian youth mobilizing for transformation: The preconditions of resilient protest. Montpellier, France: Resilience 2014: Resilience and Development, Mobilizing for Transformation, 4-8 May 2014.
Conference - Other - Other
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Theses - Doctor of Philosophy
  • Hayward, B.M. (2000) Beyond Consensus: Social Learning in Urban Planning. PhD, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.
  • Howden-Chapman, P., Chapman, R., Abrahamse, W., Awatere, S., Fougere, G., Frame, B., Krausse, M., Hayward, B., Mortimer, C., Stevenson, A. and Logie, J. (2011) Christchurch's regeneration: research and science-based insights. Commissioned by New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities, Wellington. 29.
Oral Presentations
  • Hayward, B.M. (2012) What if we really listened to children? University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand: "What if" Wednesdays, 19 Aug 2012.
Discussions/Working Papers
  • Druckman, A., Buck, I., Hayward, B. and Jackson, T. (2012) Unpaid time and gender: what are the implications for carbon emissions? Sustainable Lifestyles Research Group, UK. Commissioned by New Economics Foundation, London. 25pp.
Additional Publications
  • Hayward, B. (2015) How social sciences and humanities can collaborate to transform responses to disaster: A case study from Christchurch. United Nations University Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan: How social sciences and humanities can collaborate to transform responses to disaster: A case study from Christchurch, 19 Jan 2015. In JST/ISSC Transformations to Sustainability(http://www.ristex.jp/eventinfo/FE/report_e5.html).
  • Hayward, B. (2015) NZPSA working group on civics, citizenship and political literacy at NCEA. Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand: New Zealand Political Studies Association, 2-4 Dec 2015.