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Dr John Pirker

Biological Sciences

Fields of Research

  • Marine ecology
  • Aquaculture
  • Marine algae

Researcher Summary

Research interests include marine ecology and aquaculture.

Subject Area: Disciplines

Research Groups

Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

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  • Gerrity S., Alestra T., Pirker J., Marsden I., Dunmore R., South P. and Schiel D. (2017) Charting loss and recovery of intertidal community structure and function following a cataclysmic coastal uplift event. Christchurch, New Zealand: New Zealand Marine Sciences, 01 Jul 2017. (Oral Presentations)
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  • Schiel D., Alestra T., Gerrity S., Dunmore R., Marsden I. and Pirker J. (2017) Interim Progress Report - Rocky reef impact quantification and monitoring for the Kaikōura earthquake.Ministry for Primary Industries. Commissioned by Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). 1-31. (Reports)
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