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Dr Deirdre Erin Hart


Fields of Research

  • Coastal and fluvial
  • Multi-hazards
  • Physical geography, coastal oceanography and engineering
  • Temperate and tropical coasts, NZ, Korea, Pacific

Researcher Summary

Deirdre researches the physical, biological and human (including built environments) processes and interactions in coastal environments via an approach that is fundamentally multi-disciplinary. She is also passionate about the dissemination of coastal science through education, informed management, and community engagement. Her research and teaching interests include temperate and tropical coastal and river-mouth science, engineering and management, in New Zealand, Korea, Italy and the USA. Deirdre employs a range of techniques from field, to laboratory and numerical and theoretical modelling. She is interested in supervising Masters and PhD projects that align closely with her coastal/ multi-hazard research interests, including on river mouths, high-energy coasts, mudflats, reef sediments, pocket beaches and urban multi-hazards such as flooding and earthquake effects.

Subject Area: Disciplines

Research Projects

Research Groups

Future Research

  • Understanding coastal-river interface environments for improved management
  • Multi-hazard interactions in coastal, river and low-lying environments
  • Pocket beach systems
  • Coastal responses to climate and water level (including tidal) changes
  • Quantifying links between low island ecology, sediments and hydrodynamics

Key Methodologies

  • environmental observation, data analysis, lab and fieldwork, numerical modelling, geo-spatial technologies
  • theoretical and applied methodology development


Student Supervision

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  • PhD - Measures R: Mixed sand and gravel river mouth lagoon dynamics: Hapua
  • PhD - Prana A: Supporting communities to adapt to living in flooding environments in Jakarta, Indonesia. (2019)
  • PhD - Thi Do H: Monitoring and evaluation of water-related climate change adaptation interventions in Vietnam (2018)
  • Masters - Holland D: Earthquake Flood Multihazards Analysis of Stormwater Systems
  • Masters - Macdonald K: Multi-hazard assessment: methodology development via a delta city case study (2018)
  • Masters - Steenson M: Community engagement in coastal planning and management. (2012)
  • Completed
  • PhD - Dawe I: Longshore sediment transport on a mixed sand and gravel lakeshore. (2006)
  • PhD - Idrus R: Hard habits to break : investigating coastal resource utilisations and management systems in Sulawesi, Indonesia. (2009)
  • PhD - Kain C: Tsunami signatures: Reconstructing the dynamics of pre-historic tsunamis from their sedimentary deposits (2015)
  • PhD - Moghaddam A: Sediment transport in pocket beach environments (2014)
  • PhD - Taylor G: Impacts of Vehicles on Beaches (2014)
  • PhD - Zahid: The influence of Asian monsoon variability on precipitation patterns over the Maldives. (2011)
  • Masters - Berger H: Characterising landscape and sea level dynamics to predict shoreline responses over the next 100+ years in a high energy tectonic setting, Kaikoura, New Zealand (2017)
  • Masters - Fifield M: Rivermouth dynamics and management at New River lagoon, Westland, New Zealand. (2012)
  • Masters - Foster D: The morphodynamics of Motunau Beach and management implications. (2009)
  • Masters - Ishikawa R: Historical shoreline change and beach morphodynamics at Rapahoe Bay, West Coast, New Zealand. (2008)
  • Masters - Kain C: Past, present and future morphology and dynamics of rivermouth lagoons in Westland, New Zealand. (2010)
  • Masters - Mathewson P: Evaluating the shoreline protection responses to widespread erosion around Lake Pukaki. (2011)
  • Masters - Mohammed M: Economic valuation of coral reefs: a case study of the costs and benefits of improved management of Dhigali Haa, a marine protected area in Baa Atoll, Maldives. (2007)
  • Masters - Norman M: Wainono Lagoon Geomorphic and Environmental History (2016)
  • Masters - Patino J: Coastal evolution of Shelly Beach, Otago Harbour. (2004)
  • Masters - Radford J: Shelf-to-canyon sedimentation in the Hokitika-Cook submarine canyon complex, central Westland, New Zealand. (2011)
  • Masters - Wheeler J: Hydrodynamic modelling and quantification of available habitat in constructed wetland wildlife reserves. (2008)
  • Masters - Kelland E: Christchurch's coastal and riverside quakes. (2014)
  • Masters - Mulvany D: Coastal lagoon indicators of river catchment change: a Hurunui case study (2013)
  • Honours - Ball S: Rakaia Rivermouth closure (2012)
  • Honours - Carter J: Changes in the Sumner coastline, Pegasus Bay: a study of beach variation from 1940 to 2007. (2007)
  • Honours - Cattermole K: Variations in tidal hydraulics and water quality at the Totara Lagoon/ River mouth. (2009)
  • Honours - de Vries W: Mudflat morphodynamics and sedimentation rates: a case study of the intertidal mudflats at the Head of the Bay, Lyttelton Harbour. (2007)
  • Honours - Eaves A: Banks Peninsula mudflat states and dynamics (2012)
  • Honours - Foster D: Dynamics of Motunau Inlet. (2008)
  • Honours - Griffiths N: The effect of tsunami hazard on the Avon-Heathcote Estuary area. (2005)
  • Honours - Hall S: Assessing the effectiveness of a rock groyne in maintaining a lagoon channel opening through a mixed sand and gravel beach. (2008)
  • Honours - Ishikawa R: Beach and nearshore morphology at Amberley Beach, Pegasus Bay. (2006)
  • Honours - Jupp K: Establishing a physical and biological basis for salt marsh restoration and management in the Avon-Heathcote Estuary, Christchurch. (2007)
  • Honours - Knight G: Tsunami vulnerability on the Christchurch coast. (2005)
  • Honours - Langley R: A coastal scenic evaluation of the North Canterbury coast. (2006)
  • Honours - McSweeney S: Opihi River mouth closure and migration changes following construction of the Opuha Dam (2011)
  • Honours - Nation T: Historical shoreline mapping of the Clarence coastline North of Kaikoura, New Zealand (2009)
  • Honours - Stella L: Site suitability of Harts Creek wildlife reserve, Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere, New Zealand, for restoration of kahikatea (Dacrycarpus dacrydioides) forest. (2007)

Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

Journal Articles
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