UC SPARK - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Dr Ravishankar Sharma

Department of Accounting and Information Systems

Fields of Research

  • digital strategies and transformations
  • knowledge-based growth and development
  • E-Health and Wellness

Researcher Summary

Bridging Knowledge Disparities and Creating Sustainable Development

Building a Knowledge Society represents an aspiration that has been the thread of a voluminous body of work ranging from the classic treatise by Adam Smith (1776) to more contemporary work by Joseph Stiglitz (1999) and Michael Spence (2008). It has been shown that knowledge and its diffusion become potent factors of innovation; and this creates a level of playing field of opportunities and hence reduces income and wealth disparities (Piketty 2014). My research focus addresses the following key questions. How can knowledge be diffused across a
society so that it may be more effectively exploited to create national wealth? Can we bridge knowledge disparities with digital literacy? Will the resultant “level playing field” generate greater contributions of
national wealth and a more equitable sharing of it?

Subject Area: Disciplines

Research Groups

Future Research

  • Digital Inclusion and Participation
  • Digital Health and Wellness

Key Methodologies

  • Field Studies using narratives and mixed methods
  • socio-economic analyses using PEST, 5-Forces etc
  • Business Modelling and Analytics
  • Design Thinking as a tool for developing strategy
  • Soft Systems Methodology

Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

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