Katharina Naswall

Associate ProfessorKatharina Naswall

Psychology 221
Internal Phone: 94332

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research areas include work-related stress and wellbeing, employee resilience, uncertainty, work-life balance and stress coping factors such as social support. I often collaborate with organisations in the diagnostic of stress and wellbeing, and the implementation of initiatives aimed at increasing health and wellbeing at work.

Recent Publications

  • Keeman A., Naswall K., Malinen SK. and Kuntz J. (2017) Employee Wellbeing: Evaluating a Wellbeing Intervention in Two Settings. Frontiers in Psychology 8: 505-505. http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00505.
  • Kuntz JRCP., Connell P. and Naswall. (2017) Workplace resources and employee resilience: The role of regulatory profiles. Career Development International 22(4)
  • Kuntz JRCP., Malinen. and Naswall. (2017) Employee Resilience: Directions for Resilience Development. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research
  • Naswall., Malinen., Kuntz J., Goodwin T., Keeman A. and Kuntz J. (2017) Improving Wellbeing at Work using the Five Ways to Wellbeing: What works and why. Dublin, Ireland.: EAWOP, 1 Jan 2017
  • Berntson E., Bernhard-Oettel C., Hellgren J., Naswall IMK. and Sverke M. (2016) Enkätmetodik (Questionnaire Methods). Stockholm: Natur & Kultur. 310.