Simon Kemp

ProfessorSimon Kemp

Honours and 1st Year Masters Co-ordinator
Psychology 208A
Internal Phone: 94394


Research Interests

Research interests include economic psychology, long-term memory, psychological measurement, and the history of psychology.

Recent Publications

  • Hancock NJ., de Joux NR., Wingreen SC., Kemp S., Thomas J. and Helton WS. (2017) Positive post-disaster images: A daydream machine? British Journal of Psychology 108(3): 528-543.
  • Blakely MJ., Kemp S. and Helton WS. (2016) Volitional running and tone counting: The impact of cognitive load on running over natural terrain.. IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors
  • Chan M., Kemp S. and Finsterwalder J. (2016) The concept of near money in loyalty programmes. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 31: 246-255.
  • Kemp S. (2016) Was Communism Doomed? Human Nature, Psychology and the Communist Economy. Springer. 277.
  • Kemp S. and Grace RC. (2016) Prior categorization can produce more efficient ordering. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 69(1): 100-112.