Roger Reeves profile portrait

ProfessorRoger Reeves (Physics & Astronomy)

100 level supervisor
Physics 618
Internal Phone: 95943


Research Interests

Research interests include Laser spectroscopy of the solid state, particularly the characterization of materials that have applications in lasers and nonlinear optics.

Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

  • Cheung R., Reeves RJ. and Brown SA. (2000) Process-induced defects and optical memory in gallium nitride. In Beke DL; Fisher DJ; Murch GE (Ed.), Defects and Diffusion in Ceramics, Vol. 186-187: Defect and Diffusion Forum: 61-70. Switzerland: Trans Tech Publications.
  • Hyland AM., Reeves RJ., Makin RA., Durbin SM. and Allen MW. (2017) Thermal stability of oxidized noble metal Schottky contacts to ZnO. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing
  • Dang GT., Uchida T., Kawaharamura T., Furuta M., Hyndman AR., Martinez R., Fujita S., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2016) Silver oxide Schottky contacts and metal semiconductor field-effect transistors on SnO2 thin films. Applied Physics Express 9(4)
  • Hughes-Currie RB., Ivanovskikh KV., Reid MF., Wells JPR., Reeves RJ. and Meijerink A. (2016) Vacuum ultraviolet synchrotron measurements of excitons in NaMgF3:Yb2+. Journal of Luminescence 169: 419-421.
  • Ivanovskikh KV., Hughes-Currie RB., Reid MF., Wells JPR., Sokolov NS. and Reeves RJ. (2016) Synchrotron spectroscopy of confined carriers in CdF2-CaF2 superlattices. Journal of Applied Physics 119(10)