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1. Are you prepared to conscientiously participate in the training programme? (This may involve about three to four hours study a week from January to March and, if selected, attending a training camp to be held in the April vacation. At the end you will have knowledge of basic Chemistry at about University Stage 1 level.) *

2. If selected in the team of four students, would you be available to travel to the International Chemistry Olympiad in July?*

3. The Olympiad Trust will be trying to raise funds nationally. However it will also be necessary to fundraise locally. Up to $650 for the training camp and some travel expenses ($750) for the Olympiad team members may be required to be raised locally by you. Naturally we will give you advice and help. Are you prepared to meet these financial demands either directly or through fund-raising?*

4. Do you have the support of school and parents to participate in the Olympiad training programme if selected?*

5. Will you be under 20 in July next year and not intending to attend University next year, and will you have been attending a New Zealand school for at least two years prior to July next year?*

6. Do you intend to also try for the Maths, Informatics or Biology Olympiad training camp?*