Peyman Zawar-Reza

Associate ProfessorPeyman Zawar-Reza

Associate Professor
Geography Staff Block Rm 508
Internal Phone: 94057


Research Interests

Research interests include:1. Air pollution climatology/meteorology, boundary layer meteorology, and mountain meteorology.2. Mesoscale numerical modeling and computational physics.3. Regional climate modeling (dynamical downscaling).4. Virus evolution and diversity in Antarctica5. Earth systems science.

Research/Scholarly/Creative Works

  • Owens I. and Zawar-Reza P. (2016) Weather and climate: Antarctica's role in the global atmospheric system. Exploring the Last Continent: An Introduction to Antarctica: 91-114.
  • Zawar-Reza P. and Katurji M. (2014) Antarctic climate and soils. Antarctic Terrestrial Microbiology: Physical and Biological Properties of Antarctic Soils: 279-292.
  • Zawar-Reza P. (2012) Air Quality of Tehran, Iran. In Tang Z (Ed.), Impact of megacities on air quality and climate: 127-140. Geneva: World Meteorological organization (WMO).
  • Zawar-Reza P., Sturman AP. and Khan B. (2010) Airshed Modelling in Complex Terrain. In Hanrahan G (Ed.), Modelling of Pollutants in Complex Environmental Systems Volume II: 435-454. St Albans: ILM Publications.
  • Zawar-Reza P. and Spronken-Smith R. (2005) Air pollution climatology. In Oliver JE (Ed.), Encyclopedia of World Climatology: 21-32. Cornwall: Springer.