geoTAG contacts

geoTAG meetings occur once a week (particularly during term time) when teaching and research needs are addressed. Find out more about our equipment and what we do on our YouTube channel.


Heather Purdie

Senior Lecturer
Geography Staff Block Rm 405
Internal Phone: 94131

geoTAG Members

Peyman Zawar-Reza

Associate Professor
Geography Staff Block Rm 508
Internal Phone: 94057

Paul Bealing

Geospatial Science Technician and Web Manager
Geography 155
Internal Phone: 95607

Ioannis Delikostidis

Geography Staff Block Rm 502
Internal Phone: 94387

Justin Harrison

Laboratory, Field and Equipment Technician
Geography 153
Internal Phone: 95606

Marwan Katurji

Geography Staff Block Rm 407
Internal Phone: 94287

Nick Key

Technical Officer
Geography 159
Internal Phone: 95605

John Thyne

GIS Manager - Computer Support
Geography 606
Internal Phone: 94102