Chemistry is the study of substances and their transformation. Chemists play a vital role in solving the world's problems in food supply, energy, health and the environment. The central discipline in science, Chemistry merges with both Biology and Physics and our graduates are in demand worldwide. 

UC provides quality courses for students whose major interest subject is Chemistry and also for students who need Chemistry as a support for other degrees, such as Engineering, Biology, Forestry and the Earth Sciences.

Our students benefit from extensive international links and teaching from distinguished Erskine fellows, which have included Nobel prize winner Robert Grubbs. He also holds the position of Canterbury Distinguished Professor. UC is proud to be the alma mater of Nobel prize winner Ernest, Lord Rutherford, who studied at UC when it was known as Canterbury College. Other notable alumni include Richard Barrer, a pioneer in the Chemistry of zeolites, materials widely used in catalysis.

Studying Chemistry will open the door to a broad range of careers. Our researchers are engaged in internationally recognised projects and postgraduate training in Chemistry is a springboard to a research or academic career with plentiful opportunities to engage in meaningful projects.

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