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Fiona Cross

Animal Cognition
Internal Phone: 95142


Research Interests

Biology of a mosquito-eating jumping spider (Evarcha culicivora) from East Africa.

Recent Publications

  • Carvell GE., Jackson RR. and Cross FR. (2017) Ontogenetic shift in plant-related cognitive specialization by a mosquito-eating predator. European Journal of Pharmacology 138: 105-122.
  • Cross FR. and Jackson RR. (2017) Representation of different exact numbers of prey by a spider-eating predator. Interface Focus 7(3)
  • Cross FR. (2016) Discrimination of draglines from potential mates by Evarcha culicivora, an East African jumping spider. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 43(1): 84-95.
  • Cross FR. and Jackson RR. (2016) The execution of planned detours by spider-eating predators. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 105(1): 194-210.
  • Jackson RR., Deng C. and Cross FR. (2016) Convergence between a mosquito-eating predator’s natural diet and its prey-choice behaviour. Royal Society Open Science 3(12): 160584.