Past graduate research

lone researcher standing on rock in Antarctic

PhD Graduates

Bryan Lintott 2017 Scott's and Shackleton's Huts: Antarctic heritage and international relations
Hannah Christensen 2016 Phosphorus biogeochemistry in Antarctic meltwater ponds
Sira Engelbertz 2014 Values in Antarctic Policy: Discourse and Decisions
Stephen Hicks 2014 The TAE and the IGY – turning points in the history of Antarctica
Andrew Atkin 2013 Drivers of scientific success; an analysis of terrestrial magnetism on the Discovery Antarctic expedition, 1901-04
Daniel Price 2013 Three-dimensional assessment of sea ice characteristics in the western Ross Sea derived by ground validated remote sensing data
Phil Emnet 2013 Do endocrine disrupting chemicals have an effect on Antarctic and New Zealand ecosystems? An investigation into the use of non-invasive sampling to monitor endocrine disrupting chemicals in seals and penguins
Oliver Marsh 2013 Ice dynamics and mass-balance near the grounding zone of outlet glaciers in the Transantarctic Mountains
Erin Neufeld 2013 Antarctica and New Zealand: an exploration of why ‘the Ice' matters to New Zealanders
Kurt Joy 2012 A late Quaternary ice sheet history from in-situ cosmogenic exposure dating, South Victoria Land, Antarctica
Nikolai Kruetzmann 2012 Complexity Analysis of Geophysical Systems
Crystal Lenky 2012 Utilising marine osmolytes as a potential tool for detecting feeding in the Weddell seal, Leptonychotes weddellii
Kerry McCarthy 2012 Living in the ice (im)age: theorising photography at the margins of Antarctic exploration
Tim Hay 2010 Bromine explosions and ozone depletion in McMurdo Sound
Mette Riger-Kusk 2010 Ice discharge of an Antarctic outlet glacier: Darwin-Hatherton Glacial system
Briar Wait 2010 The geochemical extremes in Antarctic meltwater ponds over a seasonal cycle
Linda Kestle 2009 Remote Site Design Management – a multi-disciplinary management model
Daniela Liggett (nee Haase) 2008 Tourism in the Antarctic: Modi Operandi and Regulatory Effectiveness

Master's graduates

Marcus Arnold 2016 Surface mass balance on the Ross Ice Shelf
Michelle Ryan 2016 Using radar to determine ice shelf properties
Errin Rowan 2016 Masters in Geographic Information Science
Katya Ovsyanikova 2015 Overview of the ecology of type C killer whales
Colin Hillman 2013 Spatial distribution, structure and function of benthic microbial mat assemblages in Lake Fryxell, Antarctica
Nick McLay 2013 Ice velocity and mass balance of the Skelton Glacier, Antarctica, using remote sensing and GIS techniques
Hanne Nielsen 2012 The Wide White Stage
Tom Williams 2012  
Nic Carson 2012  
Melissa Idiens 2011  
Lester Chaplow 2010