Scholarships and Internships

We recommend that students have undertaken or undertake some GIS courses. See Masters in Geographic Information Science. Particularly MGIS411:Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Health

PhD Scholarship - Spatial microsimulation modelling for health in New Zealand - APPLY NOW!

The project will develop and apply a spatial modeling techniques (such as spatial microsimulation) as well as relevant quantitative research methods, to New Zealand (NZ) data. The student will also have GIS and statistical analysis skills .The main aim of this research is to construct quantitative models for NZ which can then be used for policy analysis relevant to the NZ Ministry of Health priorities. Statistical methods such as microsimulation or estimation can create synthetic data that does not exist elsewhere and as such, it is valuable in addressing areas which have not previously been explored. It is expected that the modeling will create a powerful policy-relevant framework for NZ that will assist in assessing both current and future policy scenarios. A key idea is to refine and develop existing estimation, projection or modeling methods so that they become more policy relevant and can be applied to NZ.

The attached pdf describes the opportunity. Closing date 14th October 2012 , or sooner if a suitable applicant is identified”

PhD Scholarship - The impact of earthquakes on Health - APPLY NOW!

There is a Ph.D. scholarship available to study “The impact of earthquakes on geographical variations in non-injury health outcomes”. The research will test whether there is a relationship between the extent of physical damage from the earthquake on neighbourhoods and health outcomes (non-injury). It will examine this in relation to the Sept 4th 2010 and Feb 22nd 2011 earthquakes and subsequent aftershocks in Christchurch, New Zealand. A key aspect of this is tracking the health of populations who have been displaced by earthquake damage, and understanding the impact of the earthquakes on that population over time and space.

The attached pdf describes the opportunity. Closing date 14th October 2012, or sooner if a suitable applicant is identified.

Masters Scholarships available - NOW!

Scholarships are available for suitably qualified postgraduate students who wish to undertake a Masters degree in the areas of Health Geography , Health and GIS and/or Spatial Epidemiology. A full scholarship includes domestic fees and an annual stipend of $NZ10,000. Two scholarships are available immediately.