Steven Gieseg

Associate ProfessorSteven Gieseg

Free Radical Biochemistry
Biological Sciences 437
Internal Phone: 95599

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My research seeks to characterise the role of free radical mediated cellular damage in disease pathogenesis and how antixoidant metabolism modulates these processes. We have focused on the macrophage-synthesised antioxidant 7,8 dihydroneopterin and how it may inhibit atherosclerosis and non-specific cellular damage during inflammation events. This work has led us to in-depth studies on the significance of protein damage and the discovery of protein hydroperoxide formation in living cells. I also have ongoing clinical studies measuring markers of oxidative damage during atherosclerosis, inflammation and diabetes.Research summary: free radical biochemistry, heart disease, the role of protein & lipid oxidation in disease pathogenesis, macrophage biochemistry and metabolism, testing novel antioxidants and radical damage in fish.

Recent Publications

  • Lindsay A., Carr S., Cross S., Petersen C., Lewis JG. and Gieseg SP. (2017) The physiological response to cold-water immersion following a mixed martial arts training session.. Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology 42(5): 529-536.
  • Lindsay A., Lewis JG., Gill N., Draper N. and Gieseg SP. (2017) No relationship exists between urinary NT-proBNP and GPS technology in professional rugby union. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 20(8): 790-794.
  • Lindsay A., Petersen C., Blackwell G., Ferguson H., Parker G., Steyn N. and Gieseg SP. (2017) The effect of 1 week of repeated ischaemic leg preconditioning on simulated Keirin cycling performance: a randomised trial. BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine 3(e000229)
  • Roche J., Turnbull MH., Guo Q., Novák O., Späth J., Gieseg SP., Jameson PE. and Love J. (2017) Coordinated nitrogen and carbon remobilization for nitrate assimilation in leaf, sheath and root and associated cytokinin signals during early regrowth of Lolium perenne. Annals of Botany 119(8): 1353-1364.
  • Shchepetkina AA., Hock BD., Miller A., Kennedy MA. and Gieseg SP. (2017) Effect of 7,8-dihydroneopterin mediated CD36 down regulation and oxidant scavenging on oxidised low-density lipoprotein induced cell death in human macrophages. The International journal of biochemistry 87: 27-33.