Simone Scaringi

Lecturer in AstrophysicsSimone Scaringi

Internal Phone: 94650


Research Interests

Current research interests include: 1) testing the universality of accretion disk physics across all mass and size scales, 2) development and application of advanced timing analysis methods to astronomical timeseries, 3) multi-wavelength data-analysis and interpretation of compact interacting binaries, 4) Machine learning algorithms applied to large astronomical datasets, in particular in the context of the BlackGEM project.

Recent Publications

  • Aranzana E., Koerding E., Uttley P., Scaringi S. and Bloemen S. (2018) Short time-scale optical variability properties of the largest AGN sample observed with Kepler/K2. MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY 476(2): 2501-2515.
  • Ponti G., George E., Scaringi S., Zhang S., Jin C., Dexter J., Terrier R., Clavel M., Degenaar N. and Eisenhauer F. (2017) A powerful flare from Sgr A* confirms the synchrotron nature of the X-ray emission. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 468(2): 2447-2468.
  • Scaringi S. (2017) Star formation: Cosmic feast. Nature Physics 13(3): 210-211.
  • Scaringi S., MacCarone TJ., D'Angelo C., Knigge C. and Groot PJ. (2017) Magnetically gated accretion in an accreting 'non-magnetic' white dwarf.. Nature 552(7684): 210-213.
  • Hynes RI., Schaefer BE., Baum ZA., Hsu CC., Cherry ML. and Scaringi S. (2016) Kepler K2 observations of Sco X-1: Orbital modulations and correlations with Fermi GBM and MAXI. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 459(4): 3596-3613.