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Post Doctoral FellowRita Dionisio

Geography/Psychology Rm 346
Internal Phone: 95993
Support local communities and organisations in making evidence based decisions in urban planning.

Research Interests

My research is focused on collaborative planning, urban regeneration, and community resilience. My research experience has been developed through projects focused on the social and environmental sustainability of neighbourhoods and cities, through engaged research. In Japan, I developed research supporting communities, affected by the 2011 Tsunami, in envisioning regeneration and recovery scenarios. This work explored community responsive urban design and environmentally appropriate planning at local and regional levels. In New Zealand, my research has focused urban modelling tools to support local government and communities to make better decisions in the Christchurch rebuild. This work encompasses a diverse range of factors, such as housing, land-use, transport, and public spaces in the city. Through a strong community and stakeholder engagement, this work has contributed to support the Christchurch City Council and Regenerate Christchurch in examining community and environmentally focused urban regeneration scenarios.

Recent Publications

  • Carr JN. and Dionisio MR. (2017) Flexible Spaces as a "Third Way" forward for urban planning. Cities
  • Dionisio MR., Kingham SP., Glackin S. and Bristow D. (2017) Immersed stakeholder engagement: A new dimension to collaborative urban planning. Land Use Policy
  • Dionisio MR. and Pawson E. (2016) Building resilience through post-disaster community projects: Responses to the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes and 2011 Tōhoku tsunami. Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies 20(2) 6: 107-116.
  • Dionisio MR., Kingham S. and Newman P. (2016) The right tools at the right time: Encouraging community involvement in the post-disaster reconstruction of Christchurch, New Zealand. Dublin: IGU Urban Commission Annual Meeting 2015, In Urban challenges in a complex world: Resilience, governance and changing urban systems 14: 4-11.
  • Glackin S. and Dionisio MR. (2016) Deep Engagement' and urban regeneration: tea, trust, and the quest for co-design at precinct scale. Land Use Policy 52: 363-373.