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Richard Holdaway

Adjunct Professor

Research Interests

Research interests include extinction biology, stable isotopic analysis of species and ecosystems, and applying information on pre-human systems to restoration and management of ecosystems.

Recent Publications

  • Hawke DJ., Cranney OR., Horton TW., Bury SJ., Brown JCS. and Holdaway RN. (2017) Foliar and soil N and δ15N as restoration metrics at Pūtaringamotu Riccarton Bush, Christchurch city. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand : 1-17.
  • Allentoft ME., Heller R., Holdaway RN. and Bunce M. (2015) Ancient DNA microsatellite analyses of the extinct New Zealand giant moa (Dinornis robustus) identify relatives within a single fossil site. Heredity 115(6): 481-487.
  • Allentoft ME., Heller R., Oskam CL., Lorenzen ED., Hale ML., Gilbert MTP., Jacomb C., Holdaway RN. and Bunce M. (2014) Extinct New Zealand megafauna were not in decline before human colonization. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111(13): 4922-4927.
  • Holdaway RN. (2014) A solid grip on the moa extinction. Australasian Science Jul/Aug: 33-35.
  • Holdaway RN., Allentoft ME., Jacomb C., Oskam CL., Beavan NR. and Bunce M. (2014) An extremely low-density human population exterminated New Zealand moa. Nature Communications 5: 5436.