Greg Russell

Associate ProfessorGreg Russell

Rutherford 634
Internal Phone: 95129

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include fundamental aspects of the kinetics of free-radical and emulsion polymerisation, modelling of the kinetics of free-radical polymerisation, termination kinetics, use of living free-radical polymerisation to synthesise polymers, particle formation in emulsion polymerisation, synthesis and morphology of emulsion polymers, experimental investigations into the kinetics of emulsion polymerization, and critically evaluated rate parameters in free-radical polymerization.

Recent Publications

  • Barner-Kowollik C., Beuermann S., Buback M., Hutchinson RA., Junkers T., Kattner H., Manders B., Nikitin AN., Russell GT. and van Herk AM. (2017) Critically Evaluated Rate Coefficients in Radical Polymerization – 8. Propagation Rate Coefficients for Vinyl Acetate in Bulk. Acta Polymerica 218(1)
  • Chan CH., Fellows CM., Hess M., Hiorns RC., Hoven VP., Russell GT., Dos Santos CG., Šturcová A. and Theato P. (2017) The Contribution of IUPAC to Polymer Science Education. Journal of Chemical Education 94(11): 1618-1628.
  • Fellows CM., Luscombe CK. and Russell GT. (2017) PolDiv101: A Brief Guide to the Polymer Division. Chemistry International 39(4)
  • Lena JB., Goroncy AK., Thevarajah JJ., Maniego AR., Russell GT., Castignolles P. and Gaborieau M. (2017) Effect of transfer agent, temperature and initial monomer concentration on branching in poly(acrylic acid): A study by13C NMR spectroscopy and capillary electrophoresis. Polymer 114: 209-220.
  • Russell GT. (2017) MACRO 2016, Istanbul: An IUPAC Morality Tale. Chemistry International 39(4)