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Senior LecturerDeirdre-Theresa Hart

Geography Rm 402
Internal Phone: 94062

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I research physical and biological processes and interactions in coastal environments, including temperate and tropical coastal and rivermouth science and management. Current projects include collaboration with research teams in Australia, Korea and New Zealand. My research approach is interdisciplinary approach, and uses field, laboratory and modelling techniques. I am passionate about the dissemination of coastal science through education and informed management and have a commitment to engagement with local communities. I am interested in supervising Masters and PhD projects that align closely with my research interests, including on river mouths, high-energy coasts, mudflats, reef sediments, pocket beaches and coastal hazards such as earthquake effects. Summary of research interests: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Examining Coastal Systems; Coastal Ecology, Geomorphology, Sediments and Hydrodynamics; Tropical Reef Environments; Mixed Sand and Gravel Beaches; River Mouth Lagoons; Coastal Management; Sea Level; Tsunami Hazard.

Recent Publications

  • Byun D-S. and Hart DE. (2017) A robust interpolation procedure for producing tidal currentellipse inputs for regional and coastal ocean numerical models.
  • Kain C., Wassmer P., Goff J., Chagué-Goff C., Gomez C., Hart D., Fierro D., Jacobsen G. and Zawadzki A. (2017) Determining flow patterns and emplacement dynamics from tsunami deposits with no visible sedimentary structure. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 42(5): 763-780.
  • Marsden ID., Hart DE., Reid CM. and Gomez C. (2016) Earthquake disturbances. In Kennish MJ (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Estuaries: 207-214. Dordrecht: Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.
  • Byun DS. and Hart DE. (2015) Predicting Tidal Heights for New Locations Using 25h of in situ Sea Level Observations plus Reference Site Records: A Complete Tidal Species Modulation with Tidal Constant Corrections. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 32(2): 350-371.
  • Hughes MW., Quigley MC., Van Ballegooy S., Deam BL., Bradley BA., Hart DE. and Measures R. (2015) The sinking city: Earthquakes increase flood hazard in Christchurch, New Zealand. GSA Today 25(3): 4-10.