Andy Martens staff portrait

Andy Martens

Senior Adjunct Fellow


Research Interests

ADJUNCT - Research interests include aggression/killing; connections between self-esteem and the autonomic nervous system; the role of existential fears in self-esteem and prejudice (terror management theory); stereotype threat.

Recent Publications

  • Martens A., Sainudiin R., Sibley CG., Schimel J. and Webber D. (2014) Terrorist attacks escalate in frequency and fatalities preceding highly lethal attacks. PLoS ONE 9(4)
  • Gibney S., Martens A., Kosloff S. and Dorahy MJ. (2013) Examining the impact of obedient killing on peritraumatic dissociation using a bug-killing paradigm. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 32(3): 261-275.
  • Webber D., Schimel J., Martens A., Hayes J. and Faucher E. (2013) Using a Bug-Killing Paradigm to Understand How Social Validation and Invalidation Affect the Distress of Killing. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 39(4): 470-481.
  • Boyce JA., Martens A., Schimel J. and Kuijer RG. (2012) Preliminary support for links between media body ideal insecurity and women's shoe and handbag purchases. Body Image 9(3): 413-416.
  • Ismail I., Martens A., Landau MJ., Greenberg J. and Weise DR. (2012) Exploring the Effects of the Naturalistic Fallacy: Evidence That Genetic Explanations Increase the Acceptability of Killing and Male Promiscuity. Journal of Applied Social Psychology 42(3): 735-750.