Ensom Prize


The Ensom Prize, awarded annually for an essay, is open to all undergraduates of the University of Canterbury and all graduates of not more than one year's standing from their first degree, who at the time of their graduation were students of the University of Canterbury.

2017 Essay topics:

"Increasingly, commentators are arguing that a post-growth or even postcapitalist economy is essential for addressing the global problems of climate disruption and increasing inequality. What kind of policies could local governments put in place to encourage our transition towards this?"


"Former Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon once stated that "protecting and promoting the rights of indigenous peoples benefits us all." Explain how the protection and the promotion of the rights of Indigenous Peoples benefits us all and what kind of policies states can develop for this protection and promotion."


"What role does energy play in New Zealand foreign policy? How prepared is New Zealand for a future where traditional energy supplies are scarce? What options does New Zealand have, and how might they affect our future foreign policy decision-making?"

The online application system requires you to have a myUC account; you must register with myUC prior to applying online for a scholarship.

The online application system will begin accepting applications eight weeks before the closing date.
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The subject of the essay shall be prescribed from year to year and shall be such as to enable candidates to advocate a constructive policy for the promotion and preservation of international peace and goodwill. Candidates are recommended to keep their essays within the limit of 3,000 words. Essays may be published in any form the Vice-Chancellor may approve.

Closing Dates
30 Sep 2018

How to apply for this scholarship

You may apply through this webpage approximately 8 weeks before applications close. If it’s possible to apply on-line for this scholarship there will be a link above to the on-line system. If the link is not provided, please download and complete the application form located below.

However, if the scholarship is managed by Universities NZ or another department of the University an External Website link will appear below and application instructions will be available through that link.


Application required only. General (any College). Undergraduate. Domestic Students. International Students.


While every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct, applicants are advised to check the application forms and regulations for eligibility criteria, scholarship value and tenure, and closing dates.