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Regulations for the Degree of Master of Teaching and Learning

The following regulations apply to students commencing study within the 2017 academic year. For previously published regulations, refer to the Calendar archive (Academic Services website).

See also General Course and Examination Regulations.

Qualifications Required to Enrol in the Degree

Every candidate for the Degree of Master of Teaching and Learning, before enrolling in the course of study for the degree, shall have:

qualified for a degree in a disciplinary field appropriate to teaching and learning in Aotearoa New Zealand from a New Zealand Tertiary Educational Organisation, and have either
a Bachelor's degree at level 7 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) consisting of at least 360 credits; or
a Bachelor's degree with Honours at level 8 on the NZQF consisting of at least 480 credits; or
a Master's degree at level 9 on the NZQF consisting of at least 240 credits; or
been admitted under the Regulations for admission ad eundem statum as entitled to enrol for the Degree of Master of Teaching and Learning; and
been approved as a candidate by the Dean of Education, on the recommendation of a Selection Committee.
Applicants are normally expected to have achieved a B+ average or better in the 300-level courses in their major subject in their undergraduate degree.
For the Secondary endorsement, the entry qualification shall include courses to 300 or 400-level in a teaching subject appropriate to the secondary school curriculum. Otherwise, the candidate shall be required to complete a qualifying course of study prescribed by the Programme Coordinator and approved by the Dean of Education to a standard of study equivalent to at least 300-level in a secondary school teaching subject.
Selection will also be based on such other criteria as the Selection Committee may determine, which will include a visual interview.
Candidates are required to be vetted by police.
Candidates who completed their entry qualification overseas and intend to become a registered teacher in New Zealand are advised that the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (EDUCANZ) will require an assessment of their qualification by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). To ensure that their entry qualification meets EDUCANZ requirements, they are strongly recommended to obtain this asssessment before starting the MTchgLn programme.
Students for whom English is an additional language must provide evidence of having passed IELTS (Academic) with a minimum score of 7.5 overall, with no score lower than 7.5.

Note that satisfying these criteria does not guarantee entry to the programme.

Structure of the Degree
The course of study for the Degree of Master of Teaching and Learning shall comprise courses equivalent to 180 points.
Of the 180 points,
120 points must be from courses in Schedule A to these regulations; and
60 points must be from courses for one of the endorsements listed in Schedule B to these regulations.

The usual period of enrolment for a full-time candidate is one calendar year. The maximum period of enrolment is two years for a full-time candidate. Part-time enrolment is not permitted for this degree.

Re-enrolling in Courses

Should a candidate fail any course, the candidate may normally re-enrol in that course only once in the next academic year and only with the approval of the Dean of Education. Each course may only be attempted twice.

Degree with Distinction

On the recommendation of the Dean of Education, the Degree of Master of Teaching and Learning may be awarded with Distinction. Distinction is equivalent to First Class Honours and will be awarded to students achieving a GPA of at least 7.

Disclosure of charges and convictions

Students in the Degree of Master of Teaching and Learning are required to inform the Dean of Education within three working days if they are charged or convicted of an offence while participating in the programme and of any other incidents or matters that may compromise their fitness to teach.

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