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Certificate in Science (CertSc)

The following regulations apply to students commencing study within the 2017 academic year. For previously published regulations, refer to the Calendar archive (Academic Services website).

Regulations for the Certificate in Science

See also General Course and Examination Regulations.

The Programme for this Certificate

The Structure of the Programme
Subjects: The Certificate in Science may be awarded for courses passed in the following subjects: Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Geography, Geology, Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, and Statistics.

Note: The courses for the subjects and their prerequisites are given in the Schedule of Courses for the Degree of Bachelor of Science.

Structure: To qualify for the Certificate in Science a candidate must pass courses totalling at least 75 points at the 100- and/or 200-level, in courses listed in the Schedule to the Bachelor of Science.
Full-time and Part-time Study and the Normal Time Limits

The Certificate may be studied full-time or part-time. Other than in exceptional circumstances approved by the Dean of Science, the maximum elapsed time from first enrolment will be three years.

Admission to the Programme

The Certificate in Science is an introductory qualification in Science for candidates wishing to: test their scholastic ability at university prior to proceeding to a Bachelor's degree programme; broaden or update their knowledge for employment reasons, or: engage in lifelong learning.

Standard of Entry and Approvals Required for Admission to the Programme
Candidates must satisfy the admission requirements of the University.
The programme of study must be approved by the Dean of Science.
Transfer of Earlier Credit
With the approval of the Dean of Science, courses passed within the previous five years and listed in the Schedule to the Bachelor of Science, or courses deemed to be equivalent which have not already been credited to another qualification, may be credited to the Certificate, provided that they satisfy the other regulations of the Certificate. Up to 15 points from courses from another New Zealand university may be credited under this Regulation.
A student who has abandoned a Bachelor of Science degree and has passed 75 points with a C average or better and wishes to graduate with a Certificate in Science, must have permission of the Dean of Science to do so.

Transfer to Bachelor of Science

With the approval of the Dean of Science:
A candidate who has been awarded a Certificate within the previous five years may apply to credit Certificate courses towards an undergraduate science degree of the University, provided any such courses comply with the Regulations for the degree.
A candidate who has not been awarded the Certificate may apply to transfer courses passed while enrolled for the Certificate to a Bachelor of Science degree.
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