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The Degree of Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary) (BTchLn(Primary))

The following regulations apply to students commencing study within the 2017 academic year. For previously published regulations, refer to the Calendar archive (Academic Services website).

Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary)

See also General Course and Examination Regulations.

Structure of the Degree

To qualify for the degree of Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary) a candidate must pass courses having a minimum total value of 360 points, as specified in the Schedule to the Regulations for the Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary).

Re-enrolling in courses

Should a candidate fail any professional practice course, they may only re-enrol in that course with permission from the Dean. Professional Practice courses may only be attempted twice.


The usual period of enrolment is three years of full-time equivalent study and the maximum period of enrolment is six years.

Admission to the programme

Every candidate for the BTchLn(Primary), before enrolling in a course of study for the degree, shall have:

satisfied Admission Regulation A, and
been approved as a candidate by the Dean of Education, on the recommendation of a Selection Committee.
Selection will be based on academic attainment and such other criteria as the Selection Committee may determine, and will include an interview.
Candidates are required to be vetted by police.
Students for whom English is an additional language must provide evidence of their English language ability as follows:
IELTS (Academic) 7.0, with no individual score below 7.0; or
At least two years of successful study in a New Zealand secondary school, with at least ten Level 2 NCEA credits in Literacy (five reading and five writing).

Note that satisfying these criteria does not guarantee entry to the programme.

Continuity of Study

Students whose enrolment has lapsed for a period of 18 months or more will require the permission of the Dean to re-enrol in the qualification. This will include appropriate checks in line with the Vulnerable Children's Act.

Transfers of credit and exemptions

The Dean of Education may grant credit towards the degree from any tertiary or other qualification where the content and standard of such study are considered appropriate to the degree. Credit may be specified or unspecified, and will be at an appropriate level. Credit from a completed degree will not exceed a maximum of 120 points. Credit from an incomplete degree, diploma or other tertiary qualification will not exceed 240 points.

Schedule to the Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary)

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Compulsory courses

Year 1

TECM 101 Te Reo me ngā Āhuatanga Māori 1
TECP 112 Theoretical Foundations of Literacy
TECP 113 The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum
TECP 122 Introduction to Mathematics Education
TEDU 110 Child and Adolescent Development and Health
TEDU 111 Social and Cultural Studies: An Introduction
TEPI 101 The Profession of Teaching 1
TEPP 102 The Profession of Teaching: Understanding Learning

Year 2

TECM 201 Te Reo me ngā Āhuatanga Māori 2
TECP 202 Language, Social and Cultural Studies
TECP 212 Effective Classroom Practices in Literacy and Mathematics
TECP 222 Health and Physical Education Curriculum
TEDU 201 Teaching, Learning and Assessment
TEPI 230 Informing Teaching and Learning through Community Engagement
TEPI 222 Professional Inquiry: Designing for Learning
TEPP 221 Professional Practice 4

Year 3

TECP 223 Science and Technology Education: Nature and Practice
TECP 313 Literacy and Mathematics Education for All
TEDU 301 Inclusive and Special Education
TEPI 320 Professional Inquiry and Te Reo me ngā Āhautanga Māori 3A
TEPI 321 Professional Inquiry and Te Reo me ngā Āhautanga Māori 3B
TEPP 320 Professional Practice 5
TEPP 321 Professional Practice 6

Optional courses

At least one of:
  • TECP 315 Language, Culture and Identity: Enhancing Educational Experiences and Outcomes for Diverse Learners
  • TECP 316 Te Ao Māori/Mātauranga Māori: Teaching and Learning from Māori Worldviews
  • TECP 317 Digital Technologies and e-Learning for Transformative Education
  • TECP 318 Research and Inquiry in Action
  • TECP 319 Sustainability and Social Justice
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